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A similar question as “Training on Empty Stomach” has anyone tried the old forgotten cybergenics program. I tried this a year I started training and noticed great result. But the it must be cycled, as I’ve lost much lbm for going at it too long. I find it best for breaking plateaus.

Just throw some HMB in there and you’ll really get hyooge!!
Cybergenics + HMB + Weider mags = Giant muscles!
I can’t laugh too much, I used to be there, too.

I personally just shake glitter into a fancy bottle with some Ozarka water, label it “Pixy Dust”, using calligraphy so it looks authentic, and drink down a gulp every morning. I must admit, however, that I feel it should be cycled. Once you have passed enough cut up pieces of shiny paper through your anus, it is time for a break.