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Cyberden's Coan--Philipi Deadlift


Good day lifters, I have decided to do a run on the Coan-Philipi deadlift routine.
Starting max is 455lbs. Projected max is 495lbs. Bodyweight as of today is 202lbs.
Squat and bench will be in maintenance mode. Also will work on rehabbing my elbow tendonitis that resulted from smolov jr bench. Will be supplementing with creatine and glutamine.

Week 1
370x2. Grip failed on the first attempt. Chalk (dust) fixed it and I was able to do the 2 reps.

Speed Deadlift
295 8x3 , 90 second rest. Heart was really racing and lots of sweat. Speed was decent.

Now the circuits. I used some low weights since I don't want to overdo it. 90 sec. rest between each exercise, 2 minutes between circuits



Underhand Pulldown

Decline Situps 3x8

Session didn't feel too bad, but it was definitely challenging. Looking forward to next week.


Week 2
395x2. decent speed.

Speed Deadlift
320 8x3 , 90 second rest.
First 3 sets were easy. From set 4 onward I had to rest more than 90 seconds, since I was getting very tired and felt lightheaded.

With the circuits, I skipped the goodmornings since I was feeling too tired. Also took more than 90s rests between sets.

This was definitely harder than week 1, let's wait for week 3.


Week 3-Logging late
420x2. good speed.

Speed Deadlift
345 6x3 , 120 second rest.
Had to rest more than 2 min in some sets, I think these sets are the harderst part of the program.

Again, skipped the goodmornings in the ciruit. Also took more than 90s rests between sets.

This felt easrier than week 2, since I rested and ate a lot before the workout.


Week 4-Weighed 207lbs today.
445x2. felt heavy but not too heavy, good speed.

Speed Deadlift
370 5x3 , 120 second rest.
This has increased the callous in my hands, but still no callous ripped.
First 3 sets were done with a belt and 2 min rest. 4th and 5th without belt, but rested more than 2 min.

SLDL 135x8, Row 135x8, Pulldown 120x8
Again, skipped the goodmornings in the ciruit. Took the prescribed 90s rests between sets.

The workout was hard but not extremely hard, reason being that I'm taking a bit more rest between sets, and the weights I use in the circuit are very light (maybe too light), since I don't want to crash and burn in the middle of the program.


Week 4
395x3. good speed.

320 3x3. piece of cake compared to last week. Callous are getting more painful.

Only problem is that the plates keep sliding off the bar on every rep, and I have to slide the plates back together after every set. This only happens with certain plates.

Now the assitance:
SLDL 185 3x5. Felt some weird tingling sensation on my left leg, this was a warning of what was about to happen.
Row 140 3x5
Pulldown 140 3x5

Tried to do goodmornings, this is were things got bad. Even tough I was using a lightweight (115), on the second set, third rep, somehow I relaxed the lower back. Maybe due to fatigue, or distraction, or the fact that I don't know good form on goodmornings.

I felt a crack on the lower back and shouted in pain. Put the bar on the rack and my whole back was in pain. Stopped with the goodmornings. Now I can't bend the lower back cause of the pain.

Stupid thing is that I never had a problem with heavy deadlifts, but the shitty goodmornings with light weight fucked up my back. Now I know why I skipped the goodmornings on every workout. I never want to do a fucking goodmorning ever again. I don't need them at all, I don't know good form for them. I'm fine just with the deadlifts.

Then I continued with a workout from a T-Nation program called ultimate triceps program (it's what I'm doing for upper body during coan-phillipi).

Decline bench 205 5x3
Tricep pulldown 150 3x5

Now all I hope is that the pain goes away by next week so I can continue the program. Right now I can't even sit or lay down without pain.


Well, the pain took 2 weeks to go away. Today was Week 6
345 3x3 2 min rest

Skipped all the assistance since I got late to the gym and they closed right after I finished deadlifts.

I plan doing the assistance tomorrow (except of course Goodmornings, which I never want to do again).


Great log!
It will be fun to see your progress :slight_smile:
I have two friends of mine who did this routine, one of them increased from 260kg to 270kg, the other from 240kg to 260kg if i remember correctly.

Good luck, and train hard :slight_smile:


Wow those are some great gains! I hope to reach that level soon!

Week 7
445x2 Felt good, maybe I could've done another rep.
Then I did 345 3x3 by mistake, instead of 370 3x3. Don't know how much this will affect the program.

Barbell row 3x5
Underhand grip pulldowns 3x5
No romanian deadlifts or goodmornings.

Next week calls for a PR, I'm definitely looking forward to it


Week 8
Deadlift 470x2-I was doubting I could lift this.
First rep was heavy, but good speed. Second rep was a bit of a grinder, slowed down on the lockout, but I finished it. This puts my max at around 485. So far so good.

345 3x3 2min rest

Assistance: I never did all the assistance, so I tried to do more today.
SLDL 225 2x5, Under grip pulldowns 205 2x5, Barbell rows 155 2x5, Shrug machine 4 plates 2x5.

Next week is 485, which should be very possible since today was 470x2, another PR on the way!


Week 9
Warmup: 135x8, 225x5, 325x3, 385x1, 435x1. On the last warmup, the bar slipped off my left hand, first time this happens in months. Most likely I I gripped the bar incorrectly with my left hand. This made me doubt I could complete the next lift.

485x1 PR! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-BripzuJUE
It didn't feel like a true 100% effort! This makes me think that last week's 495lbs lift is very possible!

345 2x3 aboutr 5 min rest. Hand callouses are pretty beat up by now. Skipped shrugs for that reason.

Then I did some tricep isolation bs. My bench is too weak, and everytime I go all out on it, I get elbow tendonitis on my left arm. So I'm trying to strenghten my triceps.


Well, today was supposed to be the last workout. However due to back pain, it has been posponed.

On Sunday the deadlifts caused no issues and I felt fine.
The pain started after overdoing it on Tuesday's workout. Guess my body can't handle doing pullups, dips, squats, rows and presses on the same workout (why did I do this while on the coan phillipi program, specially towards the end? I was supposed to take it easy on the other lifts).

Basically, my right spinal erector swelled up and my left calf is tight. Pain is only starting to subside today.

I don't want to risk it, so I'll back off from coan phillipi until I feel ready.


Did you get through the program? If so, you should be able to do some strong lifts when the body is ready again, sometime soon :slightly_smiling:


Ok, the last workout was supposed to be done last sunday, however it was posponed for today. Reason being that last sunday I attended my first powerlifting meet. It was a very fun experience.
I knew I weighed 206lbs that day, however they used a miscalibrated (?) scale, and according to it, I weighed 224lbs! so I competed on the 100kg+ class (for amateurs, only wraps and belt allowed). First place was for a guy who weighed 248lbs and his best lifts were like 500lbs squat, 280 bench, 475 deadlift. My lifts were: 370 squat, 230 bench, 480 deadlift, I ended up with a 4th place.

So today I went for the last workout:
Week 10
Warmup: 135x5, 225x5, 315x3, 365x1, 405x1, 455x1 this felt a bit heavy

495x1 This was a hard lockout, but I did finish it! The coan phillipi routine fucking works!

I will definitely try it again later this year, however I'll try to be more careful with lower back strains (which delayed the program by 2 weeks).