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Cyber Monday- What's On Your List?


Whatchy'all buyin today and where?

Post the good deals!



Check that out.

Nothing for me today, though we picked up a Macbook Air on Friday.


nothin for gifts, just bought some BCAAs for the wife though


Already do mist of my shopping online I did buy 3 affliction shirts on Friday though and they are being delivered to my house today


just bought a pooper scooper for our dogs. god I love Amazon, and their Prime membership has more than paid for itself


The bestest of the best deals here would laughable to you Steely. I'm looking at a TomTom GPS for the wife. Here it's a hundred bucks and that's on sale, for you probably half that.


Today I'm buying an American Girl doll, with matching violin accessories.


Now that I have most of my holiday shopping done, I am thinking about a Rogue post landmine and a Rogue box vest. Been coveting both for some time.