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Cy Wilson, Help Me!

First off, I wanna tell you that was a pretty strong reply you made in the “Battle of the Wheys” post(pretty cool too). Here is my delimna: I plan to devote a few months to losing fat and I will be using a keto diet and cytomel(maybe some GH). I have read that you recommend a ratio of 80% casein and 20% whey for dieting. I have also read that milk protein has this exact ratio. I don’t know if this is true so could you tell me if it is. Also, I realize that milk has too many carbs too use in a keto diet so would milk protein powder be appropriate? If am totally off could you give me a clue? Any help is appreciated. Take care.

Thanks for the support. Creating any kind of anticatabolic environment would definitely be beneficial while using cytomel (Since it also catabolizes muscle tissue). Yes, you’re correct about milk, it’s 80% casein. However, milk protein concentrate also contains some lactose, so you’re still getting some carbs, which you don’t want. I’d like to see you at a ratio of at least 60% casein 40% whey and 80% casein 20% whey maximum. I think the high ratio of casein with the added anabolic property of whey works well when dieting. However, I don’t have any proof that this should be written in stone. Not having the 80-20 ratio isn’t going to make a HUGE difference. Don’t go lower than 60-40 though. As far as sources for this ratio while lacking carbs, you’ve got me, bud. See, I don’t know it all! :slight_smile: When the low carb Grow! becomes available, then I have your answer. Until then… I don’t. Hope this helps! Good luck!