Cy Wilson article

I think everyone needs to chill out about the whole ecdy thing. Cy doesn’t think the stuff works and supported his argument with research and a logical approach. I did not think his response to Randy was “shocking” or demeaning in any way. Like John pointed out, Randy did call Cy “simple minded” and his original question would have put me on the defensive. If you guys are actually going to boycott reading Cy articles from now on over this little thread, you have bigger problems to worry about then whether or not ecdy works! I for one enjoy the way writers and readers defend the viewpoints on the T-site and hope it continues in the up front manner. One of things that appeals to me (and I assume every other reader) about the site is how everything isn’t so PC and manufactured. A little conflict now and then can only be healthy. Let’s keep it that way, and I believe everyone’s ego will be just fine. Thanks guys!