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Cy Willson - Steroid Diet ?

You say it’s optimal for us to consume near zero carbs, with carbs being consumed post-workout. What about days we don’t work out? Should we go to near-zero for the entire day on rest days?

Also, what’s your perception of short cardio bursts on non-workout days?

Well, it essentially comes down to whether you’re one of those guys that just can’t stand the “flat” feeling. In other words, having glycogen stores at depleted levels. If all you’re after is lowering your body fat percentage, AND you can stand this “feeling” then I suggest you stick to a zero to near-zero carb intake on your off days. No need to use Surge on those days, instead a 1/2 cup of oatmeal or something of that sort, but preferably no carbs. But, once again, some guys find this impossible. About a year ago, I had worked with a guy who was getting ready for a local contest and he couldn’t stand the “flat feeling” and in fact, it bothered him so much that he couldn’t work out or at least had trouble finishing workouts. So, we had to come to a compromise in terms of carb intake. We had to reach a level that would allow him to keep his glycogen stores moderately full (so he could still get a nice pump and show off) while lowering his body fat. He ended up winning 2/3 classes and came in second in the overall…this being his first show ever. Anyhow, back to your other question. Yes, short cardio bursts are fine to perform on your off days. I’m assuming this wouldn’t be more than 3 days per week though. The reason why you shouldn’t go overboard in terms of cardio is simply because you’ve already reduced caloric intake to a very low level and you’re using androgens concurrently, so this really eliminates the need for excessive cardio. I should note however, that I’m the type of person who would rather lower calorie intake than perform more cardio.