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Cy Willson: Prime Time


Couldnt find where to post for Cy in Prime Time so i figured i would give this a shot. Cy, a couple of companies have come out and working on supplements that have steroid like effects but somehow get by the ban. we all know about superdrol and ergomax (Unique proprietary pheromone matrix with 17-methyl-delta 2-etioallocholane). another one is coming on the market soon called phera-plex and here are some other compounds in the works:

4,17b-diydroxyestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one (suppossed 'trenbolone'?)

17a-methyl-4-hydroxy-4,9-dien-3-one (


4-hydroxy-1-methyl-5alpha-androst-1-en-3-one ("legal" Primobolan)

4-hydroxy-17a-methyl-2-oxa-5a-androstane-3-one (the Anavar variant)

4-hydroxy-17a-methyl-androsta-1,4-dien-3-one (dbol, no bloat, non-aromatizing)

What are the merits (if any) of these supposed supps? some of these have been proven to work but how do they get passed the ban? is Biotest working on anything similar?

i know you have answered some of these before but i wanted to catch you on Prime Time so everyone can see the answers and the real truth behind these. thanks Cy!!



If you are up to it, how about a hit on the "Carbolin 19 and Cissus Quadrangularis" thread?

Feedback and comments much appreciated,


hey Cy, if you could take a minute and check out the "MAG-10 Cycle Advice" thread I'd appreciate it.





Looks like they are going to do the first one. A tren analog with a THP ether, so it will be non-methyl. This one might be interesting.


I think I have figured out why superdrol is not banned.

  1. The law specifically states that Progestins are not banned as a steroid(and supposedly superdrol is a progestin).

  2. It is not a compound specifically stated in the law. Meaning that the government will need time to shut down their production if it is found to be illegal or banned.

Those are my best guesses.


CY, I have one more question. Do you think that Biotest might come out with a product like these? Given their reputation for the highest quality supplements I would love to see Biotest take their time developing and testing one of these products properly.


For Cy or anyone else if he's not answering. Are people still using Finasol, er, uh, you know what I mean? I know you can't mix it with Androsol anymore but you get my drift.

Why is it that I'm not hearing as much about it anymore. Is it just old news, just common knowledge, or has it been found obsolete or something?


Finasol or any type of tren transdermal has and continues to be highly debated. many say that max absorbtion is 20-35% and some claim it is closer to 60-70% depending on the carrier you use. its tough to get a real response from anyone on it becasue it will turn into a "just pin it" type thread. i have been looking into this for a long time and still cant find eneough convincing evidence to do it this way. bottom line seems to be that since the conversion is so easy, just suck it up and inject it. this would be what i would do if i didnt have a meddling girlfriend.


Bump for Cy Prime Time.


AHHHHHh...The thread I was looking for...it has been a while since I've been to the the T-Nation, But rest assured I still blaze one for the nation everyday. I have news for you boys.....Tren Transdermal is the ONLY way to go. Yes you heard me right. Not through androsol, but I used to love that stack although it made my skin sting....that is what got me to do this.....Convert your fina pellets with a conversion kit, then strain it into ALMOND OIL...It must be ALMOND OIL...this stuff screams through the skin. You have to filter it into the ALMOND OIL same as if you were going to inject it...but just rub it on. Then get some ARNICA GEL, arnica is used to breakdown inflamation and various other things but it will help carry the Tren into the blood. I have tried this now twice and I will probably never go back. Trust me it works great, I told the dude where I order the conversion kits and he is already putting together kits for transdermal administration as we speak. Now go get the paper work from a doctor before trying this, even though I am smarter than your doctor he is the only one who can give you this advice:)


Just the man i have been i have been waiting for. SimpleFarmer, please elaborate on some things for me:
-where would one get the almond oil?
-how does arnica gel compare to the other gels on the market like PLOgel?

so let me get this straight, you convert the tren into a liquid as if you were going to inject it and then strain it into almond oil. then mix it with the arnica gel to form the final product. how much do you rub on and what do you estimate the delivery percentage to be? i am very interested as i have been wanting to try this for some time now.


Yo Trailer36, there is a guy that sells "kits" to make your own tren err "aroma" for aroma therapy...if you type in fina farm you will find it. but basically they make a solution to separate the tren from the binders in the pellets( it is like propelyne alcohol or something I would have to check. then you strain the binders out. then you let it sit in ALMOND OIL (get at any decent food store), they use cotton seed because they are injecting it. Anyway it sits overnight the next day you push it through a filter with a syringe and then you add some more oil to that because it is soooooo concentrated. Basically the potentcy that I make is a 20 ml bottle with 100mg per ml. I would say that the absorbtion is equal to injections especially when you consider tren must be used so often that with injections you are just shooting into scar tissue by the third week. I have never tried plo gel but arnica does not smell nor is it greasy. I rub on one ml per day, usually on my legs because I wear shorts most of the time. The guy should be putting together kits for this but who knows I wouldn't wait. You ought to be able to find everything by surfing the net with a visa. does that help?


sure does, thanks man. i have been to fina farm before and their stuff look good. i am assuming you are using 2 carts of fina for this conversion correct?
arnica gel seems to come in tube only (that i can find) so what type of bottle do you use to dispense it?
sorry for all the questions, i just want to make sure i get the most bang for the buck.


ny english..

10 training sessions aweek{am pm}
3 wieght lifting sessions
2 power lifting seesions
3 body building sesiions
2 cardio seesions formed in the bb days of training.
power and strenght training ususaly in am ours and reps high volume in pm ours.

my cycle is 4iu gh aday
100 mg of tren every other day
100 mg of masteron every other day
100 of t propiunete every other aday.

im getting ready for ashow in 27 days from now and thet week was living hell
voulume wise..

ps-what to do about the pain i mentiond
in the 2 q?


it has been weeks since I last made a batch but I think there are 2g per cart and I used the box(10 carts) It uses up the better part of a small lotion bottle. I mean it is 100 ml @ 200mg per ml. Bro, the math comes out to like 25 bucks a week. For 700-1000mg per wk. The first application I used a syringe to pull it out to see what 1 ml looked like in my hand, after that I just eyeball a quarter sized squeeze. I don't mix the arnica in the oil, I just rub it in immediately following the oil. Call that guy at the farm and tell him what you want to do, he is cool as hell. Dude, I could go on and on about tren, low to no toxicity, no gyno , big time strength and endurance booster, joints feel good , no water gain, turns the average pud into a Porn GOD, stacks with anything, leaves the body amazingly quick so recovery can be quick, am I forgetting anything?


im just curious about if there would be any advantages of using Component TH instead of fina. it seems you get more bang for your buck, twice the bang if you buy the box.


I could be mistaken but I think you are talking about the same thing at the same price.


Component TH is double the tren at around double the price so it works out to be the same amount of money no matter which route you go.


thanks for straightening me out on that guys, i was wondering the bioavailibility when using this almond oil? i was curious about it but couldnt find any studies. can anyone out there hook me up?