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Cy: Supplement Timing?


Hi Cy,

Your expertise is needed.

I just recieved my large order and have in front of me: Alpha Male, Carbolin 19, M, Methoxy-7, and ZMA.

My questions are:

Which ones do I definetly have to take on an empty stomach to ensure effectiveness?

How should I take them in order. I get up at around 6:00am, drink my breakfast at 6:30 or 7:00 and workout around 7 or 8 pm (Surge before and after workout). I am just wondering if you were taking all these, how would you fit each one specifically into your day for maximum effectiveness.

Thanks for all your help.



There's really no particular way you need to take them, other than as directed on the label. The ZMA is the only one where I'd simply take it on an empty stomach. With the rest, it's really not as big of a deal.



Thanks for the help. One more thing. Is it ok to swallow the Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 all at the same exact time on an empty stomach? Thanks.


Yes, although taking them with food is ok too, provided that there isn't a great deal of fiber.


So 2 cups of raw oats blended with Grow! would be bad? I just took 3 Alpha Male capsules about 45 minutes before I drink one of these shakes. I could still taste the Alpha Male when I burped. Is that OK?


If consuming it with a meal, a protein and fat meal would be preferred.

Provided that you take the serving 45-60 min prior to a meal, that's fine.


Is there substantial benefits to taking 4 Methoxy-7 caps twice a day or should I just stick with 4, once a day? What about doing 2, twice a day. Which way will I get the maximum benefit? Thanks.


I think Methoxy-7 results vary by the individual's body. Some actually require more than the "maximum" dose for really noticable results.

Unlike with some supps where you should never take more than the maximum, Methoxy-7 seems to be very benign in larger doses.

My best results from Methoxy-7 have been with 12 to 16 caps a day. Some people require quite a bit less.


This is interesting since I usually only need 2 capsules twice per day to see results from Methoxy-7.


As others have pointed out, there is no definitive dosage in terms of a maximum benefit, or a known dosage where the effects are no longer dose-dependent. Just be sure you're taking at least 4 capsules, daily.