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Cy!!!! Skinny Bastard Here!!!


This one’s for anyone who knows what he/she’s talking about (I would like to hear from Mr. Willson though)…

I’m seventeen years old and I wanted to go on a mass gaining diet. Considering my current situation, I figured that The Skinny Bastard diet would fit me fairly well… but I have some questions about it. I’m a perfectionist type of guy so I could end up being pretty strict about something like a diet, so I know I could “handle” it.

First off, would every meal consist of a MRP? Or should one/two be “real” meals? I would probably end up eating the first 3-4 meals as an MRP because I would be taking it to school. I ask this because I hear a lot about eating “whole foods” and how it should be very important.

Second, at least one of the recommended meals seems to consist of MRP and sugar… does that mean that I could just mix in sugar with the shake or am I missing something (or could I do this with 1-2 meals)? I know that this diet is “different” but the lack of other kinds of carbs is kind of nagging at me.

Also, could I substitute Udo’s Choice in place of the fish oil capsules? And should I find some form of fiber (maybe before going to bed)?

I’ve heard a lot of things that seem to be stressed by many in T-Nation, like water consumption… but the article says that it would be best to avoid it (in the meals), so, for example, should I get several drinks of just water between meals? Any recommendations from you guys on this or any other part of the diet would be greatly appreciated. I basically don’t want to leave out anything important from my diet.

btw I could afford Grow!, Surge, Power Drive, Creatine, oil, “fat free cookies,” and my mom can prepare 1-2 meals a day, but that leaves me all but tapped out for the month, so I don’t know if I could afford something like Greens+… if you could provide me with price conscious choices I would be extra-thankful =)

Thanks in advance

The diet was really designed around the idea of satiety, or rather, inducing a lack thereof. It seems you’ve said you won’t have a problem sticking with a diet, period, so in that case, I’d really recommend using something else like JB’s Massive Eating or something along those lines.

Also, it’s important not to get caught up in overanalyzing everything as Lonnie and JB have gone over many times. Pick a diet and start following it.

Hope that helps!

Before you embark on this diet, I would really do a bit of reflection to make sure you fit the target demographic. The ideal candidate for this regimen is a person that is chronically skinny and has a very meager appetite. This is the basis for the protein powder–three scoops of Low-Carb Grow! are much less filling than two large chicken breasts. If you are capable of hitting your nutrient targets, day-in and day-out, then there would certainly be no issue with adding several meals that incorporate no protein powder whatsoever. The idea is to minimize satiety and thus, maximize consumption.

As for supplements, I would purchase the following, in this order, for maximum cost effeciency:
1)Low-Carb Grow!. It has a much, much thinner consistency than Classic Grow!, and is hence less filling. See my note below.
2)Surge. You need a good PWO. Period.
3)Sam’s Club or Costco fish oil caps, Udo’s oil, or a combination of the two.
4)Greens+. I find a product like this to be quite important on this diet, as eating vegetables will probably take a second priority behind getting enough macronutrients.
5)Creatine. ProLab or AST brands are as good as any.

This is kind of a no-bullshit approach to supplementation. I would probably not worry about the Power Drive if it is going to bump off one of the above-mentioned supplements. It is one hell of a product, but I think ensuring nutrient density in your diet is a first priority.

One final thought (purely experience based): Cy makes mention that one should possibly avoid casein-rich proteins on this plan, as caseins form a gelatinous mass in the GI tract and delay gastric emptying. I have not had this problem, having used Low-Carb Grow! (before and after the inclusion of micellar casein) on several bulking phases. Go with the Low-Carb. It is thinner, and strangely, isn’t extremely filling.

Hope this helps. Feel free to follow-up.



Mr. Willson, thanks for the reply, I almost don’t feel worthy to have you answer my thread =).

Yeah, I understand the whole satiety thing, I guess I didn’t make myself too clear. This diet was tailor-made for me. I guess what I meant by being able to follow the diet strictly was that I wouldn’t mind eating pure Grow! for the next several months. I just didn’t want to leave anything out, and simply adding sugar to my Grow! seemed a whole lot faster since I have to take at least one serving between my classes in high school (5-10 minutes).

Terumo, thank you too for your time in posting a reply

I tried the diet for while and it I felt just as Cy said I would (using Classic Grow!) so I really wanted to try it for a longer period of time. But, like I said before, I just didn?t want to leave anything out.

One question though, assuming I end up eating mostly Grow! and I decide to take Greens+, would I need to consume the amount recommended (one month’s supply) of Greens+, or would end up taking it more often?

Thanks again guys, I truly appreciate your replies

Off topic (kinda), can I make a shake in the morning and eat it mid-day, or would that be too long?

[quote]PoKeJeRk wrote:
Off topic (kinda), can I make a shake in the morning and eat it mid-day, or would that be too long?[/quote]

Absolutely fine. I am currently sipping (which I will be all day) on 3 C. of skim milk, 5 scoops of Low-Carb Grow!, and 4 T. of natural peanut butter, all blended-up and poured into my mongo Nalgene bottle.

And life was easy…