Cy or John's plan to gain and lean out at same time

Didn’t Bill Roberts or someone mention that Cy or John was having success with clients bulking up and leaning out at the same time???
and we would like to know the rest of the story…

It is John Berardi. I had a copy of a more
complete report from him but don’t still
have it. A brief account was given at:

One subject had these results from three weeks of use:

Subject #1

Training… hypertrophy/bodybuilding

Diet… Massive Eating (1000-kcal surplus)

Lean-Mass Gain… 16 lb

Body-Fat Loss… 5 lb

Net-Weight Gain… 11.83 lb

Percent-Fat Decrease… 3.3%

Max-Bench Increase… 40 lb

Endurance-Bench Increase… +3 reps at 70% 1RM

Now, measurements are never perfect except
by chance. I am sure John can tell the difference simply by eyeballing whether a subject had lost some fat vs. not losing any, and would not be reporting a measured 3.3% decrease without it also being the case that he could see there was a significant decrease, but personally I would bet (the results would be so stunning otherwise) that there is some measurement error and the fat loss, and therefore muscle gain, is probably a little less. Let’s say fat loss was 3 lb instead of 5 lb, and let’s say weight gain should really be figured as 9 lb instead of the almost 12 lb (the subject might have been more hydrated at the second weighing.

If you had many subjects, errors would tend to average out, but with one subject they may not. This could have happened here.

Even assuming such errors, this would be a 12 pound muscle gain with concurrent 3 lb fat loss in three weeks. That’s stunning. That much LBM gain while keeping fat constant is not surprising at all with MAG-10, or a good pharmaceutical steroid cycle, but while losing a pound of fat per week, it is really remarkable to me.

I believe John is indeed going to make an article about it, but what he is doing is an ongoing program that will encompass a total of three cycles. So it will be much more comprehensive than just the single three week portion he has reported so far.