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Cy: Metabolic Pathways

Cy, I’m currently in the last quarter here at RIT (Rochester Institute of Tech) and am Biotech. Doing a class called Biochem: Metabolism. We’ve basically hit up the majority of the usual pathways. Glycolysis CAC Gluconeogenesis Oxidative Phosphorylation etc. You know, the basic ones.

This may require you to type a lot of words on your keyboard, so if you ignore this, I absolutly understand.

  1. Glycolysis and CAC cyle…do you use any supps to increase metabolic rate through feed forward activation? The less use of intermediates would be best yes? There are a few different spots such as OOA being the first step for gluconeogenesis. Well, OOA is actually such an important intermediate in a few different pathways, another side note, would you even want gluconeogenesis due to the fact that it just creates glucose? are there any supps that increase overall OOA levels to help aid this? I can’t assume that you can ingest Oxaloacetate to increase it because stomach acid would just break it down to monomers anyway, right?

2)For people trying to lose weight, obviously reduse lipid biosynthesis, but how in the hell do you do that? If you reduce the synthesis of adipose tissue, aren’t you also reducing the syn of membranes and hormones?

  1. Glycogen synthesis would also be a bad idea seeing we are storing carbs. How th ehell does THAT happen?

  2. Is there a way to ramp up NADH production besides just ramping up glycolysis? NADH being super important in oxidative phosphorylation.

  3. Do you deal with bioenergetics when thinking of what will be absorbed etc?

  4. Do coenzymes which help reactions take place play a big part in where you aim your supps?

  5. This is highly unlikely, but can you stop some CAC from reaching its total cycle? Such as stopping at alpha-ketogluterate if you wanted more nucleotide synthesis? I doubt it, but hey figured i’d ask.

  6. If you are forcing so many pathways into overdrive, do you have any specific chemicals that work towards “anaplerotic reactions”?

Okay, I could go on for a while, but I think this is a good stopping point.

If anyone else has information about this besides our good man Cy, please jump in

If you have access, this is an article that will address many, in fact, nearly all of your questions.

Med Hypotheses. 2001 Sep;57(3):324-36.

Hepatothermic therapy of obesity: rationale and an inventory of resources.

McCarty MF.

Other than that, the issue with cell membranes and hormones, is a cholesterol related one, not a triglyceride issue which is what we’re breaking down in lipolysis and hopefully, suppressing the synthesis/storage thereof.

When looking at the formulation of supplements, it would depend on the type of supplement you’re looking at in terms of what aspects of cellular metabolism need to be addressed. The main issues, typically seen, are with bioavailability and that is dealing with Phase I and Phase II hepatic metabolism, after dealing with absorption issues, should they be present.

I actually did get to read it because my college subscribed to Science Direct. Damn that was interesting.

Much appreciated. I read it over quickly to skim it, but now I am going to dive in to it.

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