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Cy: Long-Term MAG-10 Cycle?


Cy or other wise sages,

My test levels are on the very low "normal range" and my doctors will not prescribe HRT. I have about 17 bottles of MAG-10 and was considering doing 3 capsules, twice a day, EOD as a long term dosing protocol.

Would M and TRIBEX (Alpha Male) also be reccomended? I am 41 and am experiencing many of the symptoms of andropause.

Has anyone tried this type of protocol with any luck?


I don't know that I'd use that approach. Rather, I'd give Alpha Male a try before resorting to using MAG-10 on a long-term basis.

Even with that aside, a better approach, in my opinion, would be something like 4-6 weeks on MAG-10, followed by 4-6 weeks off using Alpha Male.

Hope this helps.



Thanks. Your plan does make more sense.

How low is too low of HDL levels to be using MAG-10? Mine was 29 the last time it was tested.