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Cy is in today's NY Times

In today’s NY Times there is an article about Steroids. Both Cy and Testosterone are mentioned. Worth a read.

Well how 'bout it? Is there an online version of this article? Anybody know anything? Sounds like it’s worth a read.

There’s a link on the steroid forum. You have to sign up to read the article though on the NY Times website, but it’s free.

This is an apparently weekly anti steroid article that Times runs in anticipation of legislation that would ban any pro-hormone. Last week they ran one about roid rage and kids that put 50 Lbs. of muscle on andro and start fights in schools. (check " NY Times here we go again" thread on the steroid forum) And HBO is running a very old “after school special” movie with Ben (Lopez) Afleck as a steroid mad high school football player. It?s one of the worst movies ever made, downright laughable. It all looks like nice media brain washing. One of the legislators is from NY. All I have to say is stock up on Mag10 while you can.

Please excuse me for this, but here’s the ignorant question for the day:
When is this legislation going to be voted on and if passed when would it go into effect?

lxxj: You can check the status of HR5564 at http://thomas.loc.gov/ home/thomas.html (remove space). It’s in subcommitte now. You’ll have to go back to link every so often to find out what’s going on.

I just had to pull this paragraph out, for those who weren’t going to read it:

"Testosterone also produces characteristic body changes, Dr. Pope said, with the most marked muscle growth in the upper body and the biceps. Dr. Pope has published photographs of men who did not use anabolic steroids and grew as big as possible without them, and of men who used them. His goal, he says, is to show what a steroid-enhanced body looks like as a way to discourage use of the drug."

Funny, I don’t think he’s going to get the desired effect…

I agree on two points:

  1. It’s fairly visible when someone uses steroids, due to the shape of the muscle and the quality of the skin on the arms.
  2. A natural BBer looks better than a roided up one. The skin looks real, and the muscles have a more natural shape, somehow. Just my 2c.