Cy!!! I need help re: glucosamine

I was so shocked when i read your newest article on glucosamine today. I have been taking the glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM blends for quite some time because i got some pain when i did some shoulder presses. However, i thought the stuff worked because it reduced the pain and i did not feel anything again.

I got my insulin sensitivity checked 3 weeks ago because i am planning to do Massive Eating. This is the results: fasting sugar=5.4 mmol/L and fasting insulin at 50 pmol/L. After calculation, i got a result showing that i am insulin insensitive. AM i right?

I have a family history of diabetes (type 2) from my dad’s side. Also, i am planning of buying some of this stuff for my grandma who got osteoporosis.

After i read your article, i think i just have to dump that stuff. However, how long should i check for my insulin sensitivity again? Since now, i am insulin sensitive, i will stick to 25/45/30 ratio according to massive eating and the result is pretty good so far.

Is there any chondroitin-only-supplement without glucosamine?
What about MSM? Any thought on this?


There is a typo on my 2nd paragraph… … how long should i check for my insulin sensitivity again? Since now i am insulin INSENSITIVE,…

That was a very good article. I’ve taken glucosamine in the past for as long as 3 months at a time…Looking back I can say body composition wise I always regressed when taking it. Just wondering if this insulin insensitivity with glucosamine is reversible upon cessation of the product??

According to JB’s formula your IS rating is 2. It seems you are just slighty “insensitive” so I’d switch to chondroitin, follow JB’s recommendations(ALA,Fish Oil and so forth), follow your current diet and keep exercising. You should be fine.
Kelly, glad you liked the article. Yes, upon cessation of use, IS will return. The insulin resistance induced by glucosamine is entirely reversible. I don’t know exactly how long it will take for IS to return, but it isn’t a substantial amount of time. IS can be increased rather quickly. Read “The Taming of Insulin” and “Massive Eating” and you’ll be just fine. Hope this helps.