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Cy, AR, Anyone, Albuterol


I have been doing much reading on albuterol and its similarities to clen for fat loss while maintaining an anabolic state. now i am no scientist so please bear with me while i ask a few questions.

  1. is it true that studies have shown clen to cause heart tissue hardening over time? i have read that albuterol does not do this.

  2. it has been said that Clenbuterol is a non selective beta-agonist, meaning that it will stimulate all of your beta receptors (beta 1, 2, and 3). albuterol is said to be Beta 2 Specific meaning it frees up more fat to be used for energy. any truth to this?

  3. i read that albuterol has many less sides than clen (shakes, high BP, etc.) and also does not lower your VO2 max like clen does. please confirm.

thanks for the time you guys, i just want to make sure i get the facts before considering using this for a cutter.


Well from what I can see, your facts about clenbutoral are not straight, so There is no point in making a decision toward using a drug in the same class as clen, untill you have all the facts right.
Bottom line however, without wasting my time is to tell you stimulents all are associated with the same risks. There is no magic stimulent out there that is going to burn fat, without the associated cardiac risks.

Just knowing that clen is such a harmful drug that your body actually downregulates/ destroys its beta receptors to alieve itself of its affects should tell you something.

These drugs should only be used as a last resort, a way of dropping that extra percentage of fat when you are contest dieting, under very carefull use, and for short durations. They are just the icing on the cake of the incredibly hard work.

They are not a magic pill. Unfortunately there are so many lazy punks out there that lack the self control to be able to diet adequately enough to actually shed bodyfat, that they feel they need to use these drugs to achieve there plans. Fact is they never do, and they just end up fatter, and with cardic damage after they go off the drug.

And don't even get me started about 17 year old adolecent boys using steroids - trying to be men before their time.


thanks P22 for the response. i know i dont have all the facts and thats why i ask. for the record i am not planning on using it anytime in the near future but wanted to gather all the info i could from you guys b/c everyone on here has been honest with me so far. you read a bunch of stuff on the net and a lot of it seems like bullshit so that why i come here to get some straight answers.

i am thinking about competing in late oct (hopefully) and plan on doing it all natural as i have had success in obtaining low bf % in the past with just diet, exercise and HOT-ROX. i just like to do a ton of research for my own personal knowledge.
thanks again.


  1. Clenbuterol can cause cardiac necrosis.
    2 & 3.I think you are thinking about Ephedrine, not clen. Ephedrine is a nonselective beta stimulant, while clen and albuterol are selective.