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Cy and Protein Advice

Cy, I was hoping you could drop some mad protein knowledge on me, buddy. My deal is this…I find that the best and most convenient time for me to train is first thing in the morning. I find that I have my best sessions at this time of the day and it fits best in with my schedule (being a college student, those damn classes can really screw up a bodybuilder’s life!). Anyway, I don’t like to train with the tank empty, so about an hour or so before I take off for the gym I eat 8 egg whites, 2 yolks and a packet of oatmeal (~350 cal, 37g pro). I know that you personally eat a much larger protein meal for breakfast, but you can imagine why I don’t want to push the envelope too far right before training. This being the case, I wonder what suggestions you might offer for post-workout. I have class immediately after training, so bear in mind that I might not be able to get another good meal in for 3 hours (at the most–I wouldn’t dare let my muscles go any longer). Also, I’m about 160 lbs and looking to really size up. Currently, I’ve been using a serving of GROW, 2 scoops of Cytomax and 2 bananas post-training (717 cal, 45g pro, 118g carb). Thanks a lot for any tips or info. Comments or advice from any other T-Men are gladly welcomed, as all your thoughts are genuinely appreciated. Keep it real and always “Attack the Stack.” Get 'em boys!

Well, I think you should increase your post workout protein intake by at least another 15 grams. Furthermore, I’d like you to bag up some food or mix up a serving of Grow! to have with you during class. Your goal is to “bulk up” so about an hour or two after this post-workout food, consume Grow! or some lean beef jerky with fruit or something of that nature while you are sitting through the lecture. Unless it’s a lab, this should work fine. In your specific case, continually ingesting protein and a good amount of overall calories is most important. Hope this helps.

timbo…I take bars with me to school. I like the Pro42 bar by ISS Research 'cause it has 42 grams of protein per bar. It’s the only way in hell I can get in frequent meals unless I want to leave campus every few hours to hike down to my frickin car or carry around a ‘lunchbox’ (no thanks!). I usually put a few bars in the freezer and then pack them before I leave for school, that way they don’t melt fast. No food allowed in Chemistry lab, so I eat one before lab. Never tried taking a few Grow! packets and mixing them with a shaker, but that would work too I guess (bars more convenient though).

Thanks, Cy. As always, your experience and expertise are greatly appreciated. You da man, baby. I just need to be continually reminded to get it thru my thick skull that to get big, I gotta eat big. Now, let’s do this dance. You probably haven’t heard the last from me yet, big dawg. Any way I could get your email?

Thanks for the compliments bud. My e-mail address? Sure, you can reach me at cywillson@hotmail.com. While this isn’t the account that I check continually throughout the day, I do try to check it as often as possible. I’ll try to help you in any way I can.

Maclar…thanks for the tip, big guy. I’ve done bars too–usually Pure Protein, I might try the ISS though. I’ve been trying to save some cash and eat more real food at the same time also. Actually, I’m drooling with anticipation over the new Biotest Bars. I find that I can snarf down a tuna sandwich or pita while I’m walking across campus to my next class, but I’m always in business to try something new. Thanks, guys.