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Cy, Alpha Male for PCT Question

 Cy - sorry, but I've got a stack of questions for you.

What dosages would you recommend when using Alpha Male for PCT during a 2-on-2-off cycle with MAG-10??? The MAG-10 Plan For Success (released before Alpha Male was available) calls for 3&3caps/day of TRIBEX & 3caps/day of M, so I just wanted to know what the equivalent dosage of Alpha Male would be??? Want to make sure I'm taking enough PCT to avoid developing breasts!!! :wink: Should I definitely be taking the max dosage 3&3/day to be safe???

Also - I only have 2x 84cap bottles of MAG-10, with some doubt as to whether I'll ever be able to get any more.

How should I use them to absolutely maximise my longterm size gains from the 2 bottles???

I've got 1wk left of a cutting cycle, then was planning on starting the Growth-Surge Project Stage 1 for 2wks, give my body time to adjust from cutting back to bulking. (What supps should I take during this period?? Alpha Male, Methoxy-7 & Carbolin 19??)

Then after those 2 wks, starting the 2-on-2-off cycle - MAG-10 for 2wks while hitting the Growth-Surge project Stage 2 along with the Massive Eating Reloaded program. Then following up with 2wks PCT on Alpha Male (whatever dosage you recommend) + Methoxy-7 (max dose?)& hitting the Growth-Surge Project Stage 3. Then back to 2wks MAG-10 & repeating.

Using this style of program - if I use 6caps/day of MAG-10 then I'll only get 2x 2wk cycles of MAG-10 from my 2 bottles - will that be the best usage for them (in terms of sustained long-term muscle bulk)???

Or should I cut it back to 4 caps/day MAG-10 so that I can get 3x 2wk MAG-10 cycles from my supply???

And given my limited supply, should I change to 2wks on, 4wks off to make the most of it/make it last a bit longer??? Or will the 2-on-2-off maximise long term muscle bulk???

And in terms of supplements to use, would you recommend:



-Carbolin 19

And to maximise/keep gains, should I be using max dosages of all of these the whole time???

Is there any point to adding Carbolin 19 into my recovery weeks, or save it till after the MAG-10 & recovery cycles???

And should I be taking Creatine during any/all of these cycles???

Sorry - I know there's a bunch of questions here.

Thanks guys.



GOOD LORD!!! A damn book there.

OK Not Cy just Phill hear but I will give my suggestion. Sounds like you have a virtual Bottomless pit of Great supps so I will lay out how I would do them.

1st question the Alpha Male. for recovery weeks use the full recomended dose not more not less. 3 twice a day and your golden.

Starting out Growth Surge Phase 1 not a bad idea to Run the Alpha Male just to get your Natural test boosted even though just going from cutting to bulking will have that effect also. Food is very Anabolic.

As for the Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19. If you have enough I would say run it all they way through. Both of them. MAG-10 weeks and non MAG-10 weeks. These IMO will both have a good effect along side the MAG-10 in craeting a Anabolic furnace. Be sure to EAT big. If not I would hold the Carbolin 19 and Methoxy-7 for the off weeks.

Creatine Hell yes take it. Its cheap and effective. Just plain old Monohydrate couldnt hurt. May even help flood that muscle tissue, kep it hydrated and primed for some growth.

Run this two on two off for a total of 8 weeks and all the while eating BIG training hard and see what turns out. Following the last weeks you could then go another few weeks on say the Alpha Male, Methoxy-7, Carbolin 19 Combo and then probabvly a good idea to think about taking a break and seeing what you can do with just FOOD training and rest.

That would be my suggestion if I had what you have at your disposal. That giving minimal chance of supression due to the breif two week cycles and some good growth.

Hope that helps,


I would use Carbolin 19, Alpha Male and Methoxy-7 during the weeks prior to and after the MAG-10 use.

Given what you have, I'd go with the 2 week on, 2 week off protocol, with respect to the MAG-10.

If possible yes, I'd use the maximum recommended dosage.

In short, I would go with 2 weeks of MAG-10, followed by 2 weeks of Alpha Male, Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19, followed by two weeks of MAG-10, and then following that with 4-6 weeks of Alpha Male, Methoxy-7 and Carbolin 19 to finish things off.

Creatine is fine to use at any point. I'd use it.

Hope this helps.


Thanks heaps guys, much appreciated.


Just another quick question sorry guys, is it worth using any other supps during PCT, something like ATD or Rebound XT alongside the Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 & Methoxy-7... to lower estrogen levels and help keep gains off cycle??

Thanks again.


I would use anastrozole (Arimidex) or perhaps tamoxifen (Nolvadex) instead of the steroidal aromatase inhibitors that you've mentioned for such purposes.



Would this be the same protocol if you had a case of the final 4AD-EC? I've been doing 4AD-EC concurrently with Carbolin 19, going on 4 weeks now. Your thoughts?




Hi Chadman,

If using 4-AD-EC, no, not the same exact protocol.

I personally would go with 6-12 weeks of 4-AD-EC followed by 6-12 weeks of Carbolin 19.

While there isn't a problem using Carbolin 19 and 4-AD-EC concurrently, my selfish side is devoted to people being able to differentiate which supplement is helping most in terms of body composition.

Hope that helps.


thanks Cy. You're right, of course, the smart thing is to see which is working. However, let's assume they both work, then could I do 4 AD-EC/Carbolin 19 for 6-12 weeks followed by Alpha Male/Carbolin 19 for 6-12 weeks? Or would it be best to be completely off the Carbolin 19 and leave it out of either cycle?



Hi Chadman,

I think using the 4-AD-EC and Carbolin 19 would likely result in an additive effect upon body composition. So, having said that, yes, your proposed plan is fine. Give what you've suggested (6-12 weeks of Carbolin 19/4-AD-EC followed by 6-12 weeks of Alpha Male and Carbolin 19) a try and let me know how it goes.


You got it! Thanks for the reply!


Ok - I've got some Nolva now, and can get my hands on Arimidex if you think it's also necessary.

How would you recommend I work the doseages into the cycle you already recommended:

Also, I've been taking Biotest ZMA atm and it's great at helping me sleep after the HOT-ROX I've been taking during the day. Am stopping my cutting cycle today and starting 2wks transition into my MAG-10 cycle, is it also ok to continue taking the ZMA through the MAG-10 cycle???

Also - is there any benefit to taking any of the other support supps generally used during PH/PS cycles?? Saw Palmetto, Pro Liver, Milk Thistle, NAC, Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10, Taurine, Green Tea Powder, Hawthorn Berry???

Thankyou again so much for answering all my questions!! I really want to make sure I get this cycle right for absolute max benefit from my limited supply of the MAG-10!!! You guys rock!!!




I have to apologize as I hadn't remembered from your previous post that you were using MAG-10. Therefore, when you posted the following, I was assuming you meant after an androgen cycle of some sort, other than MAG-10.

"Just another quick question sorry guys, is it worth using any other supps during PCT, something like ATD or Rebound XT alongside the Alpha Male, Carbolin 19 & Methoxy-7... to lower estrogen levels and help keep gains off cycle??"

Post cycle use of MAG-10 doesn't require anastrozole nor any estrogen antagonist. Using Alpha Male is sufficient.

You can continue taking the ZMA while using MAG-10.

There's no need for those supplements you've listed. Hepatotoxicity, reduction to DHT, aromatization to estradiol and so forth are not issues with MAG-10. There's no need to address any blood lipid alterations either with the 2 on, 2 off cycling protocol.


hey, while taking dbol at 30 mg a day, would M be sufficient as an antiE?


I wouldn't rely on M as your only anti-estrogenic product while using that particular androgen at that dosage. Using an aromatase inhibitor or an estrogen antagonist would be a good idea.