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Cy: Alpha Male Diet?


Dear Cy,

i've read your "steroid diet" in the past, but now pro-hormone is banned, e.g.MAG-10. so how should i modified this diet if i take Alpha Male instead of MAG-10 and other pro-hormone?


Man honestly eat how you would for your goals. Its a supp not a steroid. If you are bulking/gaining eat big if you are trying to lean out eat smaller.

The Alpha Male will simply aid in these goals keeping the boys producing T at max level. Which is awesoem all the time and even more crutial during a cut as low intake can also dampen T production. Oh and now that it contain M it also halts the dreaded High levels of E.

If you list your goals etc I am sure we can all better help you. Oh and tell your lady to watch the hell out if you are just starting Alpha Male for the first time.

Hope that helps,



i totally understand what you say. but Cy's "steroid diet" article talks about some hormonal level things. like the receptors or something like that. so i want to know if i substitute MAG-10 with Alpha Male, what should i change in that diet.


Well they are TOTALLY different compounds.

One, MAG-10, was a strong androgen in and of itself. It in a sense replaced or your natural T with supplementray hormones.

Alpha Male on the other hand is an Herbal copmbination that boost ones Own LH and then T production also inhibits E levels from getting out of hand. So you are Not replacing your are simply optimizing.

Now eating a good balanced diet with all the fats, carbs and protein will help any time. Yes this will allow for optimal production and reception. The main thing is to EAT good foods and short your self on nothing. I am sure youi could follow the same protocol that he lined out. Maybe a bit less on the total and Protein do to not having the protein requirents of that of a cycle of androgens.

Just trying to help bro. Guessing at what Cy would say really. Making ASSumptions perhaps.



Monster Wong,

Well, that is a pretty severe diet and it's intended for those using androgens. So, instead of trying to alter the diet, I would just go with one of the many other diets on T-Nation. The "Diet Manifesto" in the search engine should turn up a review of the various diets.

I suppose if you had to work with that diet as a baseline though, I'd increase carbohydrate intake to 1 g/lb of body weight and decrease protein down to 1 g/lb as well.


thanks Cy


Very true.