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Cy/ Advil Question


Cy, what are your thoughts on the use of liquid advil? Meaning, I train pretty intensly and it can be very hard on the body, sometimes causing slight strains/sprains/other small injuries. When something like that occurs I take anywhere from 3-6 liquid advil a day for up to 1-2 weeks to help keep the inflammation down, and I also train while slightly injured, using tape and braces if need be. I have found that doing this can keep it under control until I reach a point where I'm able to take sufficient rest to fully recoop.

Finally my question, is there something else you can recommend thats safer and/or better to use? Or is the limited amount of advil nothing to worry about? Also what kind of effect does the advil have while still training and taking supplements? Thanks



I hit this topic, in part, in a previous column that I'm linking below. In short, using ibuprofen for short periods of time as you have isn't a problem. It's when people use such drugs chronically that you can begin to worry. If using the regular strength version, you're staying within the maximum daily dosage so that's good as well.