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CW's Workouts

I’ve been looking at a few of them and reading random articles for the past week now trying to figure on where I want to start. I’m 6’ and about 230. A lot of it’s fat, trust me. I’ve not worked out in years. My goals are to get back into the swing of things and then to eventually work on physique and strength.

I was thinking of doing BBB and then eventually switching to TBT. I know a lot of people recommend ABBH after BBB, but I like the looks of TBT more. Does that sound like an okay plan? How long should I do BBB? Is it just kind of how I feel doing it, or is there a certain time frame I should be looking at?

Should I start taking supplements now or wait until I get finished with BBB? My eating habits are pretty clean. When I used to work out, I used creatine and whey powder.

I also took some before pictures to help myself stay motivated. I’m planning on starting this all on Monday so any advice or help is really appreciated.

Id say do BBB for at least 8 bweeks or so. Any program needs the time a good chunk to show really whay it can do so many people bounce from program to program every few weeks.

Get going do it get motivated and dedicated, be consistant start today not monday. Why wait whats it helping?? Then sure do TBT next follow it as outlined for the whole program.

Supps sure Protein would be great to help you meet the needs. Nail a solid diet first though, and yhea if ya like throw creatine in I dont see why people just dont make it a staple it cheap and has benefits past the physique/strength.

The other stuff get rolling get dedicated and consistant and add ONE at a time give it a solid run as a SUPPLEMNT to the program and diet you have as a habit and see what each does for you.

Best of luck get going NOW,