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CW's Total Strength Program (Squat)

I’ve recently started Chad Waterbury’s TSP, for the squat.

On the first day, the outline of the program says to do a supramaximal squat hold with 125% of your 1RM…I’m at the point where I can successfully do it with 149% of my 1RM;

With the partial Squats, it says to use 85% of your squat 1RM…I’m at the point where I can successfully do 3x3 with 112% of my 1RM…

So I consider that when compared to my full squat, my lockout is really great.

As for the bottom part, it says to do the bottom part with 85% of your squat 1RM, I’m at the point where I can sucessfully do 4x3 with 82% of my 1RM.

My point is that I am fairly weak when it comes down to the bottom part of the movement and that I am more than enough strong when it comes down to the top part of the movement (once again I mean strong compared to my full squat 1RM as I’m not what most of you consider strong).

So my question is, should I stop doing the exercices focusing on the top part of my squat, and focus on the lagging part of the movement?

How could I fit this into a schedule with having enough rest?
I was perhaps thinking of switching those exercices by some more box squats or/and front squats or sumo-style deadlift on a platform?

Thanks a lot

Run the program as written, reap all you can from it; then (starting from week five) work on your weak points.

If you really want to, add some GHR (or other posterior chain movement) at the end of THE MOST DRAINING of your scheduled WOs (this way, you’ll have enough recovery days).

Thanks, someone shares this opinion?

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