CW's Total Body Training Advice

I’m going to begin using CW’s total body training on Monday and I have a few questions.

First, a little background - I’ve been training for about a month now prepping to start this program. I needed to shore up a few weak areas in my body…I’m a scrawney soccer player that can run forever, but not the strongest cat in the world. I am going to train M,W,F and need Saturday’s and Sunday’s off to play games. I’m actually quite excited to start, perhaps, I should be more worried. Anyway, to the questions:

  1. Would it be better to do cardio/abs/core work on Tues. and Thursday? Or do it after training, and just completely rest on Tues. and Thursday?

  2. I see that pullups are one of the options for back. The first workout calls for 3sets of 5. What if I I can do more than that…should I do more or stick to the program? Or add weight? If add weight, how do you do that?

Thanks in advance. I’m sure more questions will come up as I start this program.

First, I have to say good job on taking the time to plan for the program you want to start.

Next, you can do the cardio on Tues., Thurs. It is really up to you and how you feel. Soemtimes, I like doing it the same day I lift, other times, I have to do it on a day off from the gym. Just be sure to do stuff that will help your soccer game (ie., sprints, ball dribbling, etc.).

Finally, you should add weight to the chins if you can do more than 3x5. To do this, you need one of three things; 1)a dip belt that lets you add weight, or 2) a dumbbell that you can hold onto with your ankles (this may require a partner to set the weight in place), or 3) a weighted vest.

I don’t think 3 full body sessions a week is ideal if you are “in season” playing on Sat/Sun. If this is your competitive season, go for 2 full body sessions on Monday and Wednesday or Thursday.

If this is not your competitive season and you’re playing for fun and conditioning, 3 times a week should be fine.

Chins = add weight if you can!


I started this program on Monday and today I completed Workout #2. So far I really like the scheme. I have chosen a couple of bodyweight exercises (horizontal row and ghr). I have stuck to the recommended sets and reps on these exercises with no additional load (plates, etc). However I will add weight as time goes. I just really want to get dialed in the periodization portion of the workout.

I am planning on rolling in some cardio next week on Tues and Thursday (I am lifting M,W,F). I have a big 4x4 tire that I like to pull around for fun.

Good luck