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CW's TBT Program

Hehe, sorry for all the acronyms there. Anyways, I have a question for everyone who tried Chad Waterbury’s Total Body Training Program.

Basically, does it work? I just read a few posts saying how great his programs are, so I read through a few of them, and this one seems like it would work best for me.

Thanks, Rem


forgot the link

I don’t see why it wouldnt work, you’re motivation and attitude in the gym is way more important than the program you’re on. If you put your heart and soul in your workouts, diet and other recovery means you’ll have success. BTW, TBT is a good plan, I’m on something similar and I can tell you that full body workouts are great.

yeah it works. I hate it though. The Friday high rep workouts always decimate me. There’s something about doing 30 step ups or lunges in a row that has of way of ruining my weekend.

But anyway, if you stick with it and eat enough, you’ll see results. If you’re like me, and hate the high rep work, Waterbury Method was really nice for me. All my core lifts went up quite a bit in the month I was on it; 10x3 can work wonders if you’ve never done it before.

Alright. Thanks a lot guys. I’ve just recently started dieting better. (More calories and protein. AKA: stuffing chicken and rice down my throat lol). Hopefully this will work.

works without a doubt…following the given parameters perfectly and you’ll get a maximum workout in minimal time…i’ll never split train again…

I did it, not the full 8 weeks though because the real high-rep thing just wasnt what I was looking for. I stopped around the 4-5th week. In that time it worked quite well. One thing to note though…if you’re tired and have heavy military press at the end, you’re DEFINATLY going to use a lot less weight. Also priotize your workout…so one day focus on squat for your first exerise, next workout…do the bench…or the next week. Change it up with exercises in the order you do them. Good luck.

Thanks a lot for your input guys. Gonna take a week off and then get to it.