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CW's TBT & Motor Unit Recruitment


Ok so not so long ago I posted here with a home-made training program and asked if it was any good before I really got it and wasted valuable time. A couple of you replied saying I should try Chad Waterbury's Total Body Training so I checked it out and was keen and gave it a go and am really loving it. I have just hit 3 weeks and am already seeing some good gains, mostly my back and shoulders. But here is my problem:

-I just finnished my second workout of week 3 and that means, according to Waterbury's program, I have to perform 4 sets of 8 reps. Since I have had to change the exercises I do for this week and the next and then go back to the others again on week 5 and 6, I have switched from preacher curls to hammer curls. I can go heavier with hammer curls but I cant hit 8 reps. I can get 5 fine and if i go to lighter weights its too light!

So now I read Waterbury's latest article, 'The Secret To Motor Unit Recruitment', and he mentions doing the concentric phase as fast as possible and as soon as I really notice myself slowing down I should terminate the set.
So can I do that with the Total Body Training program?

What I am trying to say is can I use that motor recruitment method and not actually worry about hitting 8 reps?
Because I can get to 6 max before I reach failer on every set.
Or should I just reduce the weights?


I wouldn't try mixing programs like that. I'm not sure how much you are doing for the hammer curls but if a five pound change is too much, try improvising. Some guys at work made their own weight adjusters. They took some metal washers, weighed them out, and then set them up to add to dumbells and barbells. They have increments of .25-1 lb.


hmmm... ok thanks I'll try work something out