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CW's Singles Club


Hey i just did a search on Chad Waterbury's singles club I started yesterday and got a little info. I was wondering if anyone here has completed the routine and their thoughts.

It seems to be a good change up from all the volume I have been doing and I am looking at increasing some maxes. Here is the link for those of you who arent familiar with it:


thanks for any input


Bump for input. I was two weeks deep into this workout when I tore my ACL wrestling. I plan to start it up again soon.


I have not personally done this program, but I have read posts from users stating that they made good gains.


I just started it this week and Im feeling pretty good. Was on Waterbury's HFT before. So far they way my body is feelin I think the pr's are coming.


I also just finished WHFS and loved the gains. I am liking this program so far, although i am looking forward to the heavy days versus the high rep days, go figure.

I want to do this followed by primed for muscle by CW with a week in between. The first heavy day didn't seem to hard, but i was feeling it the next day and right after the workout also.

I like that this was a 4 weeker coming off a 2 a day 8 weeker. Instead of doing back extensions i substituted romanian deadlifts and did snatches instead of seated calf raises. Might make the last exercise a variable and change it up.