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CW's Rope pulling idea?

I was watching some tug-of-war people training. WHat they were doing was pulling a rope, that was attached to a pulley system with weights, and started to walk backwards till it reached the top. So i thought about doing this with CW’s rope pulling by attaching a rope to cable (seated row machine) and start pulling with 1 arm and then when it reaches the top, release under control and then repeat with the other arm.

What’s everyones thoughts on this?

Don’t think it work, it would likely top out, but hey, give it a shot. He also said you could just climb up a rope if you have that option.

Uh…thinkingvisualizing set up

I’d prefer to pull a car. Still.

Rope climbing is one of the best (and hardest) exercises that you can do.

I have never felt anything that pumps my biceps up and gives them real long term size than rope climbing.

I was in Santa Monica and Venice last weekend. They’ve got the ropes out by the pier.

I’ll say this, climbing a rope without your legs is incredibly hard. I was able to get up and down a ways, but there were a few dudes there that were shooting up and down the rope like it was nothing.


I can go up a standard rope (maybe 25’) with no legs in :9. I thought I was something.

Then I invited a friend over for a workout at my outside gym (rocks, logs, ropes etc). He climbed that same rope in :6! that shocked me! I made him do it again, after a rest and he did it in the same time.

Granted the guy is only 160lbs. And I can beat him in Chin-ups. But still :6 up that rope with no legs is amazing, so I know what you mean.

Which do you guys think would be better, pulling an object (like a car or a heavy sled), or climbing up and down a rope?