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CW's Next Frontier


I just got done with the AM workout for the first two-a-day workout. Wondering who else is trying this as well? Personally I've set a PR with the sumo dead's although I haven't really used sumo's much before but still I beat my regular dead pr by 30 lbs. I'm also up 5-6 lbs. Let's hear it!


I start Phase I when I leave work today (working hard today, obviously).

How did you like the intensity so far? Thats my biggest concern - using to much intensity and overtraining - and I'm thinking I might drop the weight a bit if it gets out of hand.


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what percent 1RM are you guys using for the heavier and lighter days. im looking at roughly 80-90% days and 65-70% days, but this seems like alot.


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I didn't use percentages of 1 rm. I just used an edjucated guess based on the reps and tinkered up or down as I felt necessary. The progresion is the frequency.

Pushharder, how did you start phase 5 Jan. 1 when the article was posted Jan 31?


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Gott'cha, how has it been going for you? Just guessing off the top of my head but are you refering to the one written for when MAG-10 first came out?



Did my first twice a day yesterday, my replys were in the physique Carbolin 19 thread.

I liked them, but seriously, I don't think you should be pushing PRs. The mainstay of this program is frequency not PRs. I'm not saying don't bust your ass, but if you keep pushing the weights up to 1RM then you are likely at risk of overtraining. Be careful, it's easy to rock it out in the first 3 weeks as they aren't unlike any other workout really. Use his RM recommendations, I did the same thing basically, I had a couple reps left in the hole on the last rep of my last set, so I pretty well know I'm where I need to be...maybe I misunderstood your post, but it sounds like you're pushin for PRs on a hypertrophy/high volume/high frequency program.

I'm enjoying this immensely, the workouts are quick, I feel good afterwards and I'm looking good as well.

CW pulls through (so far) again!

How's the diet? I'm getting leaner in the waist as per the mirror, but up 3 pounds..not sure how much is muscle or water?




I hear ya, but the pr was on phase 2 and I have not really done much sumo style before. I'm not sure why I haven't I think it suits my body better than regular deads ie: long limbs = better levarage for deads and as you might be able tell by my name I'm not long limbed =). But anyways yeah I agree about not going to heavy but I did 405x5 and I pulled it not easy but not gut busting effort eithier. So that combined with the "looks" I was getting and it was friday I figured what the fuck and put on another 30 lbs. Hit it once and was done.

As far as waist line goes, I've added a slight amount due to eating everything in sight.

I did both workouts yesterday too and I'm feeling it!



Makes sense now..that helps to specify that you were on Phase II and thus required to lift heavier with lower volume.

Good work on the 405, that's nothing to scoff at.

I'm long limbed and I can't lift that much. I do know though, that you can and should be expected to do much more sumo styles, to me it's a much easier grip as pulling through the legs is easier for me than pulling on the outside, and I don't think that you have as large of a range of motion on sumo! They also work a bit of a different muscle kind of way (does that make sense?) so knowing all this, it should be expected that you rock out more on sumos...they are much fun, and have a different purpose, work a diff. angle hence why they're in this program.

As for the waist...I wouldn't worry, I'm hungry all the time, and I can't seem to get enough food in me...and I'm still leaning..argh! Keep eating everything..you'll need it me thinks!




Any update from the others here?

How bout from anyone else doing this program?

I'll give my two cents. I'm on the last week of phase 3 and things are going well despite being a little worried about the twice a days for 2 weeks. I'm just worried b/c work may have the lovely chance of getting in the way of me hitting the gym at lunch and then after work, but I'll push through it b/c I'm anxious to find out how this is going to work for my body.

If it's any consolation, I'm staying at the same leanness (if that's a word) and the clothes are fitting tighter especially in the arms and around the chest and back. I'm in a suit everyday so I can feel it when I bend down to pick something up, or reach over..the suit doesn't move like it used to. Visually, I"m much better, I'm pretty well maintained the same weight that I did before, but am measuring larger and looking visually bigger in the mirror, so that's good!

I'm basically trying to keep this thread alive via bumping. How is everyone else?

Strength levels are up slightly might I add. What was difficult before is easier now warranting increases in weight.




I'm finishing Phase II this week. After Phase I, it's kind of a letdown - I know it's supposed to be that way, but damn...

Also up 6 lbs of lean mass after Week 2.

This program rules. Period. I can't wait for the two-a-days next week.


I am finishing up phase I right now. I feel great and I am up 2 lbs in 2 weeks already, which may just be hydration or something but its motivation enough!

I would like to see this thread stay alive as well. I am looking forward to the 5RMs next week and the 2 a days to kick my ass and get me up and to bed early.


I'm in the middle of Phase 3 and have enjoyed it so far. This is the first time I have been doing 2-a-days so it is a nice shock to the system. I can definately tell I have a little bit more mass with hardly any fat gain.

I gained a few pounds and also am interested to see how phase 5 goes. I usually work 12-9 so the am-pm thing is not a problem. However, during phase 5 i work one week 8-5. All the training days are 2-a-days then, and my body will be in sort of a shock from my time clock shifting for a week anyways. Should be interesting, but i plan to follow through, even if it means getting up at 5am on those days.

I decided to give this a program a go, 100%. That means cutting out drinking and paying attention to recovery. Hot tub once a week, epsom salt baths between weeks, and just started the contrast showers (brrrr). Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who has been lifting for a couple of years and want to take the next step and bulk up before summertim and the outdoor fun takes place.

Waterbury Rules!!!


I'm just finishing up Week 1... I plan on doing this program longer than 8 weeks by cycling between phase IV and V a couple times. I'll take measurements at the end and post my results.


Just started phase III. I did my first 2 day workout on Tuesday. So far, the lower rep days aren't too bad. My training before this program was very similar to phase II. On the other hand, the 12 rep days are kicking my ass. I haven't been on the scale lately, but I feel I'm making good gains. This is an awsome program and I'm looking forward to phase V.


I'm still on Week 1, phase 1, and I don't know about you guys, but I was surprised at the intensity of this program. I'm only one week in, and these workouts are kicking my ass. And I have been through some badass workouts in my day...gotta love it though.

I don't know if my poundages are high or if its the fact that I'm getting shitty sleep, but I'm struggling through these workouts. Today I was doing the split squats, and in between sets I had to lie down on a nearby bench to recuperate. I could barely open my eyes. And on the incline bench at the end, I got 11, 9, and only 7 reps respectively, nearly going to failure because I didn't decrease the weight enough. I was pissed as fuck.

Anybody else receiving a swift kick in the ass by CW's latest program or is it just me?


It is tough at first to get the weights right if the program is a big switch.

Phase I wasn't too bad for me EXCEPT the split squats... those were a kick in the pants big time.

Phase II is a nice "break" in terms of switching up the pace I think.

I'll hit Phase III Monday... things should start getting interesting then.

I'd keep it on the lighter side if you have to to keep from feeling like it's brutal at this point... I think any mixed feelings you might have about that now will disappear later in the program. I'd also think that if your sleep is really awful that could become a big issue on the twice a day phases.


Definitely drop the weight. The challenge provided by the volume is enough without throwing on heavy weights. I think it's far better to ere on the side of too little weight in this program than too much.

As for me, I'm doing the last day of phase I today and I'm looking forward to these next couple off days quite a bit. This program has been quite good for kicking my ass since I've been on lower volume strength oriented routines for the past few months. I think my bodyfat has dropped a bit while my weight is up slightly so far, though the numbers aren't quite out of the margine of error yet.