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CW's HH Was Great; CT's OVT Next?


I finished up CW's Hybrid Hypertrophy yesterday and had great gains. I put on about five pounds or so in 4 weeks as well as increasing strength considerably. I'm thinking of going in a completely different direction to switch things up for my next program and doing CT's OVT. I figure after doing a high intensity low volume program, OVT would be a nice change. Any thoughts or anyone's prior experiences would be appreciated.


I did OVT a few years ago and had great gains with it. Just watch your recovery, I got sick during it but foolishly kept going with the program and ended up overtrained. Put some good size on my upper body, though.


I've done TBT, WM, and HH and HH was the only one that didn't give me any results. I think I'm too much of a slow-twitch volume guy.


I did day 1 of CT's OVT tonight, and all I can say is holy shit. I've been so used to low reps that bumping out all those reps really got my heart rate going. It also didn't help that my gym was closing (@10 which is bullshit), so I had to compensate on my rest periods. Leg day tomorrow, I would imagine it is going to kick my ass and I can't wait. Thanks CT.