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CW's 10x3 Program

I recently started Chad Waterbury’s 10x3 method. To be honest I read the article and thought “FOOOEY” that sounds like a program for wimps. But let me tell ya, I am sore as hell after the first day.

I have been lifting for awhile(not as long as some of you) and have tried a few different programs, none have made me feel this good and sore after since I first began lifting.

It is my pleasure to recommend to all that are thinking of trying this method but are not sure to go ahead and give it a shot, you’ll be impressed.

Even better than making you sore, it will make your muscles larger and stronger. That is the goal of weightlifting isn’t it? Not how sore you are. Glad you like though, works quite well for many people.

I’ve fallen in love with 10x3. It’s a damned blast.

Hahaha! Wimps? That format is a work of art.
I hope you achieve great results in size and strength. I had a blast on it and blew through some plateaus.
Be sure to take advantage of every recovery method available.