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CW's 100rep method

I’m currently doing Chad’s Anti-BB program, and liking it. I’ve only done 2 workouts. After OVT, it’s a breeze…

However, even after using 85% of my max for Monday’s 10x3 bench press workout (instead of 80%, I made a calculation error), I wasn’t sore! Weird, although I know soreness isn’t an indicator of success, so I’m not too stressed.

Here’s the question: I am relatively new to lifting, so everything is lagging. However, I really want big GUNS. And a STRONG chest for benching big weights. Is the 100rep program based more for hypertrophy gains, strength gains, or both?

Reason being, I was thinking of either: bicep curls and pushups OR bicep curls and tricep extensions… the former if strength will be increased by doing 100 reps (probably 4x per day with 25 reps each, possibly 5x at 20reps), the latter if it is more of a hypertrophy inducing program.

Let me know what you think I should do, thanks for the input. This flies in the face of all recovery principles I’ve ever read… so obviously I’m exited to try it!

I’m going to rudely bump this so it won’t hit the bottom w/o any replies… anyone?

Is this for power/strength or merely for hypertrophy purposes? If hypertrophy I’ll do biceps/triceps, if strength I’ll do chest/biceps.

I think you should chill out, before people start disrespecting you on this Forum. That won’t feel good.

Save the 100 reps technique for a different workout. If you’re following Anti-BB to a T and you’re not APPROACHING failure on the last rep. Then just increase your weight for the next time. Eat a lot of good quality calories. I promise you, you’re going to see results, even if you don’t feel sore. Progressive workload, remember?

Either 100 rep method you mentioned will work. In fact, you could try each variation for six weeks.
The 100 rep method is for hypertrophy purposes. It will increase sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and drastically increase your recovery rates for the stimulated muscle groups.