CW, Westside, and EDT

Probably some of the greatest concepts out there huh? Lets see if we can’t mold a template or split that revolves around these principles? Ideas, Suggestions, and everything else is Weclomed!

-Keeping Max Effort Lifts Twice a Week (1 FOR UPPER AND LOWER)

Monday- Max Bench, followed by 10X3 for Major assistand groups and EDT for Arms?

WED- Max squat, followed by there same

Friday- Rep work on whole body?

Sun- Speed day

Just thinking of Combining these methods gives me the chills! Let me know what you think! These are just some rough ideas, and the contribution of my fellow T-Nationers would be great! Input, Ideas, Critique, and open discussion is welcomed and appreciated! Lets get this shit started!

P.S (lets see if we can incorporate some of CT Methods, and any other coaches you feel has fanastic ideas) Trying gear this program for muscle mass and size and strength. Coaches input would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know about all this. Sometimes adding too many training styles together will get you nowhere. I think sometimes it is better to keep it simple. For the sake of this thread I don’t see why one couldn’t do their ME or DE with their assistance work done in an EDT fashion.

Haha yeah, I understand. It would just be a nice thought to be able to combine the principles of the best coaches out there. Anyway, lets see where we can go with this, and how creative people can be.


Not a good idea to throw all of these together.

One thing I’ve yet to play with:

In Westside methodology you rotate RE and DE days depending on a lot of different factors.

You can use EDT as your RE work pretty easily. And as a matter of fact it fits in pretty damn well. 10x3 is a great concept but I dont see it fitting in well with assistance exercises.

This reminds me of an old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” When you are doing Westside, you are going for maximal strength, it is very demanding. Throwing in a demanding program like EDT simply for arm size wouldn’t be smart because you would be taxing your body too much.

Just pick a goal and stick with it for awhile.