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CW Summer Project / Rugby Season?

5’11", 235-240, 13% BF, Tighthead Prop in rugby, currently using WSB4SB preseason with great results

I am trying to figure out what the best in season workout would be during rugby. I have practice on Tuesday and Thursday with matches on Saturday. I was thinking that Waterbury’s Summer Project would work well like this:
MON: Workout Day 1
TUES: Practice
WED: Workout Day 2
THURS: Practice
SAT: Match
SUN: Either OFF or maybe the active recovery in the program.

My main question is if that would be too much in season to do the active rest on sunday. If anyone has some good advice on this or any other good inseason program please let me know.

walsh you’re such a bitch…try and have your workout days as the same days as practice so you don’t fry your cns too much