CW: Slide Push-Ups

I’ve been trying out the slide push-ups as seen in C-Dubba-Ya’s “Build a Huge Chest in Six Weeks” article, and I’m really liking them.

It seems like doing them on something like “Power Rings” - like a suspended flye - would make for a smoother movement though.

It’s basically the same movement. right? Or am I missing something.


Glad you like the exercise. Although, it wouldn’t be as effective to use rings. The reason? There would be no resistance against horizontal adduction if you used rings. Friction between your hands and the floor provides the necessary resistance to horizontal adduction to challenge the pectoral region. Without this horizontal adduction resistance, it would be no different than performing traditional db bench presses.

Ah-ha, now I get it. Thanks for clearing that up Dr. W.