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What’s your favorite Chad Waterbury program for hypertrophy? I’m just finishing up my 2nd round of TBT and want to kick it up a notch. I love the program and followed it exactly how it was written?continuously switching exercises. My fitness level has increased tremendously. The program used to kill me, but now I want more pain.

Which program of his is the toughest and produces the most hypertrophy when followed as directed? SOB, WM, HH, or QD? Is there another you recommend?

Also, are the ABBH programs more for beginners?

  • Larry


i’ll just say that TBT is awesome!

I agree TBT has been the best program I’ve ever tried. I’ve made so many improvements on it. I’m just ready for a change. Summer is close and I’d like to add a bit more muscle over the next two months.

Does anyone have an opinion on this?

I have done TBT and ABBH. Soon to move on to others (I have lifting ADD, I like to change programs a lot).

Anyhow, both TBT and ABBH worked very well for me. ABBH was a better mass/strength gainer, while TBT helped me cut down while preserving strength.

Personally, I prefer ABBH, because I hate high-reps. Anything over fives and I despise life. Anything over fifteens and I curse Chad’s name and consign him to the lower pits of hell. Besides, it was easier for me to chart my improvements in ABBH than in TBT, and finding out how much your bench, dead, and squat go up is always fun.

so ABBH is not for beginners?

I liked ABBH the best, although I haven’t tried Quattro Dynamo yet.

My best advice would be to see which one fits best into your schedule. Some are three day/week programs, others are every other day schedules. See which one fits best for you and go for it. As long as you follow it correctly, and your diet is good, you should see results.

Good Luck.

ABBH may be basic and targeted more towards beginners, but do not knock it. ABBH’s effectiveness is probably more due to the variation from one’s recent training and less dependent on that individual’s experience level.

All I have done is two TBT cycles, and they were very effective both for me and for my partner, Strongman. We are starting SFM in 1 1/2 weeks. I will post what I think as I go through it. I am also planning on starting the velocity diet at the same time, so that may skew the results a bit.
Cheers and good luck.

As far as I know, ABBH (1 or 2), if performed correctly, would be beneficial to most anyone, regardless of their experience level.

With ABBH 1 (I haven’t done 2 yet), you may not find it as intense as you’d like it, at least during weeks 1, 2, 4 and 5, but it would probably still be an effective program (imo).
Otherwise (i.e. you’re a real glutton for punishment), I’d go with SOB or WM - I have no idea how effective they’ll be for you in terms of hypertrophy, but they look like a real bitch to complete. =P

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about ABBH and like what I’m reading. I have two weeks left of TBT, but may start another program tonight. I love TBT, but want a change. 16 weeks on one program is a long time. I’m just not sure if I want to do QD, ABBH, or another program. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of feedback about QD.

What is the best CW programme for athletes, with strength gains most important but also wanting to seek hypertrophy?

Has anyone tried Outlaw Strength and Conditioning? I keep thinking about trying it to help drop a few pounds o’ fat, but was wondering if anyone else tried it and what their experience was with it.

I’ve gone through ABBHI, ABBHII, QD, and WM. All of them worked well. I really liked Waterbury Method.