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CW Programs for Strength/Performance

Hello all,

I’ve been pondering what the best rotation of CW’s programs would be for overall absolute strength and athletic performance. Anyone (particularly the man himself) have any comments?

I’ve seen the rotation focused on maximum hypertrophy and I just don’t care what I look like (humm, ok, that’s not really the case … but). [Note: I think this rotation is in the TTT or SFM comments, but I’m not sure]

Certainly the NB3 and SFM programs should play a role, as well as TTT, but what about the more bodybuilding programs like ABBH1/2 and TBT? What about rotating the programs? And should the hypertrophy programs have some adjusted parameters to focus on explosiveness a bit more (perhaps by swapping a 6 rep @ 8 RM with, say, 3 rep @ 50% of 1RM for speed)?


I believe Chad directed Nate Dogg awhile back on the cycle sequence. I think it went like this:

Singles Club
QD - Quattro Dynamo

I have used these programs and they are great!

It depends on which sport you want to improve athletic performance in. Think about which energy systems and strength qualities you want to improve then pick the program accordingly. For example, as a soccer player total triple training may be appropriate as it focuses on strength, explosiveness and endurance while for a football player strength focused mesocycle may be better as this has less emphasis on endurance. Think about your sport, position and energy demands and then pick the most appropraite program. Hope this helps.

invincible and marko,

Thanks for your responses. I need a little bit more though.

The rotation invincible gives doesn’t include SFM or NB3 which would definitely need to show up in the cycling.

marko makes a good point: what sport or what performance characteristic do I want to optimize? Well, I play a large number of sports (all recreational), but my primary focus is on Judo (currently healing up a broken leg though). I would say that my performance goals go something like this:

  1. speed-strength
  2. limit strength
  3. strength-endurance

Please note, I realize that CW’s programs may not be optimal for developing these three qualities. Further, I realize that the strength-endurance would likely need to be developed by HIIT style cardio. What I want to know is:

What is the best rotation of CW’s programs if the qualities I listed are the qualities I’m most interested in developing?