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CW or Anyone Else: Baseball

Hi there Chad thanks for taking our questions tonight. I have a question tonight relating to baseball training.

Currently I am preparing for a summer league baseball team for men 18-whatever. Its not ridiculous competitive, but it is my first step towards getting back in baseball. I am only 20 but some off field and on field issues hav kept me from pursuing it beyond my freshman year in college.

I just wanted your thoughts on how i could create a training program or several training programs that would be baseball specific. What sort of movements should i incorporate. I have followed your NB3 TTT and ABBH resently, but I really want to follow a program geared less toward hypertrophy and more toward increasing performance on the field.

What kind of exercises, what sort of volume, and what kind of rep scheme should i use in order to better myself on the field

Currently I stand at 6’3 250 19% bodyfat my strength levels are fair put nothing great
300 lb max bench
310 deadlift
260 max squat(back injury from car accident most likely my syactic nerve reallys seems to bother me during lift no permaneant damage at least known doctors have informed me of)