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CW, Cressey, Norcross...or anyone else who wants to help.

Hey Guys-

I am currently doing CW’s Bigger Chest in 6 weeks routine. Along with that I began Ian King’s Limping Series(Love them both BTW).

Now I know CW doesn’t use direct arm work in his workouts. But arms for me are a lagging bodypart so I was wondering if it was advisable to throw an arm day in that split. And if it was what type of exercises would you recommend?

Thanks in advance for the help!!

I’d still lay off the arm work. Limping is a leg specialization program and Chad’s program has a chest focus. You can’t prioritize everything.

So stick with Limping and Huge Chest and once the Huge Chest routine is done, you can go back to maintenance for chest and back and focus on the arms a bit more.

Or you may find that doing a lot of multi-joint upper body exercises is all the arm stimulation that you need.

I’d say that the seated cable rows and chinups would adequately tax the elbow flexors, whereas the DB triceps extensions are direct extensor work in themselves.

If you do feel like you need to add some work, I guess I’d recommend some incline curls (to hit the long head of the biceps even though it’s already getting some work with pressing; the short head is very active with chinups). Although there is definitely enough extensor work there with all the pressing and extensions, I suppose you could add something lower intensity; perhaps some one arm overhead extensions.

Again, I tend to think that you’d be better off without direct arm work as per Chad’s original program. Remember, the whole premise behind specialization is that you MUST be willing to sacrifice volume for other muscle groups to achieve the requisite overload on the lagging bodypart. Check out “Specialization Periodization” for more details.

I know Chad will have some excellent thoughts to add; this is just my take.

I would say forget the direct arm work for the 6 weeks of the program. You’ll get plenty of stimulation. I did CW’s Anti-BB workout for awhile, and it was GREAT. Let the program work as it was designed.


Thanks for the input. I had planned on using the program with no direct arm work. But I wanted to put the question out there to get a more informed answer from you LEARNED guys. I appreciate the help.

This is what I love about the Testosterone forum - fullcount asked a question about my program and received three excellent answers from other contributors. Nice work guys!
I really don’t want to add anything much to the posted answers as it may confuse the hell out of you. But remember this - just because a program doesn’t have a curl variation, doesn’t mean your arms won’t grow. I purposely prescribed a lot of extensor exercises since hypertrophying the triceps will increase arm girth quicker than anything (remember, they make up 2/3 of upper arm girth). With my normal recommendations of chin-ups (an awesome bicep exercise) and rows, you will get plenty of bicep activation.
But don’t trust my word, try the program and you will see for yourself.


When you try and prioritize everything, you end up prioritizing nothing.

When Charles Poliquin is asked “how do I get bigger arms?”

his answer is, Squat!

Chad’s right, I have done proabably three set of curls in the past two years or so. I just do chins with lotsof weight added or heavy rows and my arms are no smaller (bigger actually).

If your arms are lagging too much, you can try Ian King’s GREAT GUNS routine. it’s arm prioritization routine, and you should not do this while focusing on other body parts!

Seriously, I would give these routines an honest chance. See what kind of development you get from them. You may be a bit surprised!
That way if you’re not happy with the results, you can devise a plan for further enhancement in the biceps/triceps department.

What are your goals after hearing all this? Still going for the chest & legs or do you have bodyparts in greater need of attention. How many lagging bodyparts do you have? The question I always ask is; why is a bodypart weak? I am referring to Polquins work here.