CW: Ask Me Something

  1. Do I really need to rest a minute between sets? I felt like I was wasting my time, at least during the first few rests.

  2. Can I do that for squats? Like maybe 8 x 3 jump squats? Any tips for that? Loading guide?

  3. You answered your own question. Yes, it’s necessary to rest 60s. If you didn’t rest 60s those first few sets, then you would be too fatigued by the last few sets. You must remain fresh to remain fast.

  4. Yes, you can, and should, use those same parameters for jumping squats. Just use your body weight initially, and decrease your box height over time. Refer to my Jumping Box Squat article for guidelines.

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I’m not sure I follow your question about QD. Are you asking if you can perform assistance work with QD parameters on top of WSB ME/speed work: yes. If you’re asking if you can perform assistance work with QD parameters on top of WSB ME/speed and assistance parameters: no.


I like the seated external rotation exercise I mentioned in my Outlaw Strength and Conditioning program. I also like the standard external rotation with your upper arm elevated by your bent leg that is up on a bench.
I have my clients perform 4 x 6-8 frequently since I’m not a big fan of performing a zillion reps of external rotation. The external rotators need heavier loads, just like your other muscles, if you want to great strong.

hey chad, is it ok to do sets of 20 pushups throughout the day in addition to my workout schedule. my friend who has a huge chest said that’s all he did one summer to get a huge chest.



I train my female clients with parameters that are so similar to males, that it’s not even worth mentioning the differences.

If you want to look good naked, you should train heavy with low reps while keeping total volume low in order to offset hypertrophy. Alternate this with higher rep days. For example:

Day 1: Lower Body 3 x 3
Day 2: Upper Body 2 x 20
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Lower Body 2 x 20
Day 5: Upper Body 3 x 3
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: Repeat


Let me clarify something: I train male/female clients with very similar parameters IF they have the same goals. Since most females aren’t trying to build up massive muscle levels, I rarely train them the way I train males.

Hopefully, that makes sense.

How can you determine if a given muscle is fast or slow twitch, and how would you then modify your training protocol to compensate?

How would you determine if a client is overtrained? Is mild cardiovascular exercise more helpful than outright rest in alleviating the overtrained condition?



I haven’t tested my 1RM for the powerlifts in years. I’ve kinda become the barber with bad hair. I rarely train powerlifting these days. Usually, when I’m at the gym, I’m fighting to stay awake. I spend my free time assisting others these days, not myself.


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Perform 4x6 or 5x5 twice each week to maintain strength without burnout. Pick compound movements and perform 4-6 exercises, total, for each workout.

I use bands and chains in 3 week phases, with 3 weeks off. I don’t use weight releasers.


I meant to respond to some of your other posts on WSB. I’ve also started using WSB for the reasons you mentioned - it doesn’t force you into one set routine for several weeks and you can mix and match concepts and ideas from several of the strength coaches.

I too have considered mixing in portions of other programs within a WSB plan. Here’s how I would mix WSB with QD:

  1. On the QD max strength day, do both your bench and squat/DL core ME movements on that day and nothing else. From my experience doing ME days, it probably takes right around 15 reps to work up to a max (I prefer to work up to a 3RM so all my sets are at least 3 reps except for the last one where I might stop at 2 reps to avoid failure) and I am fried after doing it. Taking a bench and a SQ/DL movement to a max in one day would be hell, so doing only 2 exercises on this day would be plenty.

  2. Follow the QD endurance day as written using the exercises that address your weaknesses.

  3. Follow the QD hypertrophy day as written using the exercises that address your weaknesses.

  4. The QD explosive day is your DE day for bench and squat/DL.

I can’t remember whether CW recommended doing QD for 3 weeks or 4 weeks, but if it’s only 3 weeks, that would work well with a WSB format since after 3 weeks it’s time for a new ME movement.

Hey Chad,
I’m currently training Westside (I’m training Raw). I’m 6’1, 270, 24% bodyfat. I’m looking to cut down my bodyfat to around 12%(over the period of 3-4 months)while increasing strength and maintaining/gaining LBM. Any Dietary specific dietary advice you have to offer me would be greatly appreciated. Also, I’m doing Sprints twice a week. Any other GPP ideas would be awesome. Thanks Chad


There’s a pic of Zercher Squats in my Outlaw Strength and Conditioning article in 2/21/03

hey chad another quick question?

i live in Tucson and i need to join a good solid gym that has a good atmosphere, cause my 2 week free trial at LA fitness is gonna run out and that “gym” is just pathetic! no reverse hyperextension or glut ham raise. i feel like i will get in trouble if i even grunt or drop a weight hard. i wanna be around people with the same goals as me.

also i need a good lifting partner in the Tucson area, cause i dont think i’ll see any gains without someone who is training the same way as me. I’m starting the Westside for Skinny bastards workout.

any help would be appreiciated.


Yes, carbs are absolutely necessary for recovery. Without them, you’ll burn out in no time. If you’re less than 200 lbs, take in 50 grams of Oats post-workout. If you’re over 200 lbs, take in 75 grams of Oats. This is of course, along with protein.

Or you could use Surge and be done with it.


45s between warm-ups sets. 90s rest before your first exercise.

Do you believe it’s possible to condition fast twitch muscle fibers to increase explosive speed using isometric exercises, or is there a better way to train for power?


Perform good ol’ fashioned Back Extensions if you can’t perform Reverse Hypers.


Are you referring to my 100 Reps to Bigger Muscles protocol? If you are, yes, of course it’s a good idea to throw in push-ups on your off days. But don’t stop your max effort work or you’ll be pushing up pink Barbie weights in no time.