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I’m waiting for some data to be analyzed. Therefore, I’ll be next to my computer for the next few hours if you want to post a question for me to answer right away.
Training, Nutrition, J. Lo’s next divorce - it’s all game.

How many times a year could I bring Quattro Dynamo off the shelf without reaching a problem with overtraining?

ok CW here you go then…what is your take on the conjugate periodization vs undulating periodzation…which would be best to gain mass and strength faster and why would it be better?

What are some good ways to increase execution speed for a sport like Tae Kwon Do? I looked on the web, and while there’s plenty of information on bodybuilding, healthy living, strength, there is not a lot on speed. Your advice is appreciated

Hey Chad…What’s in your cd player currently? Also what is your opinion on HIT/hardgainer - 2x a week workouts ala Bob Whelan?

Wow, great opportunity.
I’ve always enjoyed your programs (Quattro Dynamo, Anti-bodybuilding) as well as your nutrition tips and have been using both when bulking.

Any special hints or pointers when trying to shed a little fat after that bulking phase? I’m thinking of using the anti-bodybuilding program, working out in the morning (before breakfast) and only getting carbs during- and postworkout.


I did your 8 x 3 explosive push-up routine the other day. Loved it! Two questions:

  1. Do I really need to rest a minute between sets? I felt like I was wasting my time, at least during the first few rests.

  2. Can I do that for squats? Like maybe 8 x 3 jump squats? Any tips for that? Loading guide?

Thanks! Love your work at T-Nation!

I have a question for you under the strength sport forum - Question for Chad Waterbury if you would like to have a look, I’ll bump it up again.

Something I would like to add to it is do you think using a Quattro Dynamo type set-up for assistance work would go well with a WS program assuming one’s work capacity is up to it or is the Max effort/Dynamic effort volume too much to add on top of such a program?

Just curious but was wondering what are your best pr’s in the sq, bp, dl or others if you don’t mind me asking.

Thank ya!

Hey Chad any advice on shoulder training especially the rotator and the back (not the front, usually gets hit with most movments bench, military press etc). Thank You


Very cool to have you available to answer questions at the new T-Nation!

I’d like to know if you think females should train any differently than the guys. Should we focus more on lower body training since that seems to be our problem areas? Should we do higher reps rather than lifting for strength if our our only goal is to look good naked?

Thanks for your help. Love your articles.

That’s impossible to answer without knowing more about you. But as a general rule, you could use the QD every 6 weeks if you desire.

I’m currently performing your OSC program. I’m in week 2 and the 55sec rest periods are brutal. I can’t even imagine what the 30 sec rest periods will be like. I’m trying to improve my conditioning before I enter into the police academy.

Once I begin the academy I’ll have to run between 3-7 miles a day. Can you say catabolic? What type of program would you recommend to maintain lean body mass while avoiding getting burnt out. Ideally I would also like to increase strength and power.

Also I was a lucky winner of the iron woody bands. How do you include bands, chains, or weight releasers into your routines? It’s hard enough to design a program without these accessories. Just a few questions while you wait for you data. Thanks.


Good question. Both forms are very good, but I’m more in favor of conjugate training. The reasoning is based on the fact that conjugate training is probably better for improving multiple strength qualities.

Hey Chad, I’ma getting lost in all the multiple exercise names for the same move. Can you tell me what a Zercher squat looks like. Thanks for your help, your offer is really timely.


One of the best ways to increase your speed is to train super fast with a light (50% of 1RM) load. Perform 10 sets of 3 reps with 60s rest periods utilizing compound movements.
Also, start performing 40M sprints at the beginning of your leg workouts. Perform 8-10 sprints with 2 minute rest periods.
I use a Tendo Power Unit with my clients to assess their exact speed. It’s a great tool, but expensive.

ok CW I know I had a turn already but …Im always pushing my luck…do u think carbs are needed in a fat loss program and if so how many grams and what kind?


Wilco’s “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” is what I’m listening to most these days. It’s incredible and they’re coming out with a new CD in a few weeks.

I’m not familiar with Whelan or his programs. Sorry dude.

Recently, you suggested 2-3 sets of 3-4 reps at your 10RM for a warmup. What kind of rest periods do you recommend between warmup sets and between the last warmup set and the first work set?

i know i know …also any Ideas for an alter for the reverse hyper…? if your gym is limited to a cross overs power rack and free weights…ok now im done …sorry …hey cant resist…


I think your idea might work if you’re taking in plenty of protein and healthy fats the rest of the day.

Another option is to perform my Outlaw Strength and Conditioning routine. It’ll burn off those last few pounds, but it’s tough!