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CW and Quatro

In an earlier article CW mentioned this program briefly. I decided to give it a try. Here is what I did:
Day 1, 5x3, strenth (Squat, Deadlift, bench press, shoulder press, pull-ups, calves)
Day 2, 2x25, endurance (Barbell hack squat, leg curl, flat db press, cable row, shoulder press, lat pulldowns)
Day 3, off
Day 4, 3x6, hypertrophy (incline press, t-bar row, chin-ups, d.b. shoulder press, front squat, good mornings)
Day 5, off
Day 6, 8x3, speed (bench press, wide grip deadlift, squat, push-press)
Day 7, off
Day 8, repeat
After 2 weeks I went from 198 to 205 and kept ALL MY GAINS, I used mag-10 twice per day.
My question is could my gains have been better had I done something different with the program? I very happy with the results, any other suggestions? Stats: 6’1", 205, 12%bf

Those are outstanding results. Try my current QD guidelines in this week’s issue. I adjusted the numbers and exercises slightly.

Jason, I agree with Chad. You got some good gains there for two weeks, especially since you kept them! Did you follow the Mag-10 Plan for Success dietary recommendations? Along with a world-class workout, dialing in your diet is about your only other area of opportunity if your goal were to maximize/increase gains your next cycle.

Good job, Jason!!!