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I really liked ABBH 1 and have some questions about version 2.

First off, for the original ABBH program you provided guidelines for adding direct arm work, can you do the same for ABBH 2?

Second, you didn't mention how one should progress from one week to the next with the new program; should we just add weight every week, add reps, both?

Lastly, have you thought about adding explosive lifts to this program, if so how would you fit them in?




Yep, I'm interested in the answer to your second question.

Also, this version looks more suitable for someone on a maintenance or below maintenance diet? Whereas I heard many times that the first one isn't.


Another question, the only way I can do decline barbell press in using the smith machine. So can I do 20-30 degree incline barbell press instead.


Bob A,
Good questions, and I will address them in a future Branding Iron column.

  1. Don't add direct arm work. If you look closely at the parameters, you'll see that the volume of Day 5 is very high (6 x 12), so extra arm work is not necessary.

  2. Add 2.5% load to all movements whenever possible. I want ABBH 2 to focus on increasing load, instead of increasing volume and load (like ABBH did). There are many reasons for this that are beyond my space limitations for this answer.


Don't be fooled by the parameters of this program - it's tough. I don't recommend this program for anyone on a below maintenance calorie eating plan. The same is true with ABBH.

Can't you perform decline bench presses using a smith machine? If a decline bench isn't available, just prop up the front end of a flat bench with three 45 lb plates. That will do the trick.


CW first off I would like to say you are the man and thanks for coming up w/ another kick ass training program.

My question, though, is as follows(and I feel stupid even thinking about changing your routine). I have been reading up on eccentric training lately and it has really sparked my intrest. Think it would be hazardous to throw an eccentric set into two exersises each training session?(IE: 1 set of eccentrics for Bench/Row, Squats, DL's, Pullups/Dips).


Thanks for the response; I look forward to the upcoming Branding Iron column.




Thamks for the response. I started the program yesterday and used the smith machine for the decline presses.

I have some further questions. Firstly, do I use the same hand spacing for the rowing movements as I do for the pressing movements (like in BBB) or is the seated row close grip?

For the (partial) deadlifts, do I do the reps continuously or do I set the bar down onto something and release my grip between each rep?


I'm not a fan of eccentric training, especially during high-volume programs such as ABBH 1 & 2.
If you do decide to throw in some negatives, perform them only on the last set of each exercise. But, this can lead to burnout fast. Try it and see, who knows, maybe it'll work for ya.


Use the same hand spacing whenever applicable.
Don't rest the bar between reps of partial deadlifts.



I really liked ABBH 1, and can't wait to start on 2. Thanks!

I was wondering, if I'm going to do a single, 2-week prosteroid cycle (either M1T or twice-a-day Mag-10) during ABBH 2, where do you recommend putting it? Early on? Near the end, when loads are heaviest? Or does it matter at all?

Thanks again!