CW - 4 x Fullbody progression

CW ? thanks to your ABBH & OSC programs here at T-mag, I?m now 5kg heavier, without any noticeable gains in fat, not that I?m concerned to much with that anyway. These two programs are awesome and I encourage everyone to try them out.

I?m intending on trying out your split (as in the Branding Iron article) of 4 fullbody workouts per week.
My question is on the progression for each week and if I can fit in some GPP and sprints into the split. Could you please take a look at this split and give some feedback.

Day 1 (Maximal Strength) Sets: 5, Reps: 3, Rest: 60s
Progression: Add 1 rep per week, eg Week 1 5 x 3 reps, Week 2 5 x 4 reps, etc

Day 2 (Endurance Strength) Sets: 2, Reps: 25, Rest: 60s
Progression: Take 5 sec off rest time (As in your OSC program)

Day 3 ? Off - GPP/sprints

Day 4 (Hypertrophy/Strength) Sets: 3, Reps: 6, Rest: 90s
Progression: Add 5% to weight each week, stay with same reps

Day 5 ? Off - GPP/sprints

Day 6 (Explosive Strength) Sets: 8, Reps: 3, Rest: 60s
Progression: Add a set to each week, eg Week1 8x3, Wk2 9x3, etc

Day 7 ? Off

Your split and progression looks good. The only change you should make is to the hypertrophy/strength day. Increase the load 2.5%, not 5%. As for adding GPP, that’s impossible to answer. You might get overtrained, you might not. I can’t say since I don’t train you. Try it and see.

Cheers CW. And thanks for all your help and articles this year. Cant wait to try this routine, I will add in the GPP and see how it goes.