CW: 16 Days Out From BB Show

hi CW :im 16 days before bb show. im training like a mad man for the lost 2 month {am, pm 12 seesions aweek}.

In this last 2 weeks do I need to reduce the volume or intsensity of the

i ususly worked by now 2-3 times per week for mucsle group; 15 sets for big muscles groups ,6-9 sets for small mucsle group. by how much if at all i need to reduce the stress?

ps -sorry on my english

You should ask CT in his Prime Time thread also. He’s discussed this before. Also, make sure and read SwoleCat’s 7 Days to Ultimate Leaness article. It’s on this site.

I’d reduce the volume and try to maintain or increase intensity. You’ll no doubt be dieting pretty hard going into the day of the comp., so you don’t want the volume to be excessive.