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CVT and Fiber Types

Hey all
im very interested in starting customized volume training but i do have one question. the article states that i should take 80% of my max and see how many reps i can bang out and depending on the number i can tell if i mostly fast twitch or slow twitch dominate. my problem is i live alone and work out alone with my home gym so i dont really have anyone to spot me so i can find my max or to do the test.

does anyone know another way how i can figure out if im fast twitch or slow twitch dominate?


Sure you can. take that 80% give it your ALL and on the last rep the one you give all hell fighting up and are pretty darn sure you wont get anohter stop. call that the max.

Other than that find a freind someone to spot, lift in a power rack and set the pins if you have one, use DBs so if you fail you can drop them, not highly recomended but dont collar the bar go to failure and dump the plates if needed be friggin carefull, dont go by the fiber type go lift friggin heavy LOL.

I say just give it your all and stop one rep short and use that

Hope that helps,

thanks man. so if i do CTV. are you saying i should stick with low reps anyway? no matter my fiber type?
im just looking to put on as much size as possible.

ok i got a buddy of mine to come over and i found my max to be 170. 80% of that is 135. i could do 12 reps and then failed on the 13th.
what rep range should i stay in with CVT?

(btw thanks for all the the help phil. youve been informative.)

No prob.Just tryiong to help.

OK failed on 12 did you hit your max and then go right for the 80% prob not the best idea but hey. Would have been better to rest an do it another day getting a mnax takes a Lot out of you.

As for what rep scheme. Whats the article say just follow that and figure your type
I am not a fan of lifting by so called type cant say ive done it juts never thought of it. I just go lift heavy things with a purpose and goal in mind. LOL some days more volume and reps some days more load/intensity.

I guess my type is simple the one that wants to lift heavy things multiple times, get stronger and biggr and progress if it aint working then change whats broke be it training food, rest etc…

Hope that helps,