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Cutton on Keto - Recipes for Cravings!

Does anyone have any nice recipes for any sort of desert that you would eat on a keto diet, something sweet but low in carbs, since I am getting mad sugar cravings, usually at night, the only way to keep them at bay is things like diet coke and sugar free drinks but I don’t like the idea of consuming a lot of aspartame… and other unnecessary additives…

Berries and cream.

cashew butter + dark chocolate chips perhaps, not sure if you could keep it low enough with those

Sugar free jell-o. This one did the trick for me.

If you dont want additives or aspertame, wait for the week end and suck back a bag of sugar?

I cannot tolerate aspertame either, so go to a health food store. They have different sweetners.

not really a dissert, but just take a glass of water and add a 2tbs of lime or lemon juice and add 8-12 drops of Stevia extract. I think it tastes really good personally.