how’d u guys do this?

i guess at this point i’m just a fat guy, something i have been most of my life, but since the last 2 semesters, my workouts have been pretty consistent and progressive. granted, being a college kid, some junk finds its way into the system still, but i’ve recently brought a crockpot and am working on those…

however, HOW do u cut bros? Since my seriousness with lifting, I’ve gained decent shoulders and arms and everything. heck, you could even see the ridges on the quad when i used to bike (before it got cold).
however, my torso is another story entirely. a sad combo of love handles and moobs it is…

so, what worked for you? I know the general idea of less calories input than the output, but do u need a food log for it? i watch everything i eat and make sure every meal is balanced. if its a tough day, i make sure its every other meal…

also, how much of a factor was cardio during your cutting phase?

spring break is on the way, and i’m looking to be at the least presentable to decent company by then.

thanks folks,

the get shredded diet has been working for me.

check it…


what the… 109 views, and ONE reply? :confused: c’mon u lurkers!! what does it take to help a brother out??

thanx for your cents bro, i’ll look into the article.


[quote]animal x wrote:
what the… 109 views, and ONE reply? :confused: c’mon u lurkers!! what does it take to help a brother out??

thanx for your cents bro, i’ll look into the article.


Caleb’s guide to everything:

If you want to gain weight EAT A LOT, lift, and that rest stuff…

To lose fat clean up your diet, possibly decrease carbs, increase protein, get enough fats, eat maybe a little less (depends on how much you were eating before, maybe not even necessary as far as quantity goes), do more cardio or HIIT, burn more calories than you take in.

It’s really very simple, and without specific questions you can’t get specific answers. Eat better, excercise more, be smart. Pretty easy huh?

Just pick a plan and do it for a while.

Cutting up 101:

Training: Keep lifting. Change up your rep ranges frequently, erring on the higher end (10-15) with shorter rest periods, but don’t go crazy with this. Try to hold onto your heavy lifts. Add SOME cardio in the form of interval training at the end of your workouts and/or on off days. Keep the interval sessions short and intense, 20-30 minutes. Bust your ass and then hang it up for the day.

TIme your meals so that you take in a lot of calories at breakfast, a decent amount of protein and carbs pre workout, and your biggest meal postworkout with good amounts of protein and carbs. Spread the remainer of your calories out throughout the day.

Keep protein intake in the vicinity of 1 g/lb of bodyweight, and carbs, since you’re trying to cut up, about the same. Important: calculate bodyweight based on your target bodyweight. ie, if you’re 300 pounds and flabby, don’t try to eat 300 g protein/day. Go for 200, or whatever your target weight is.

Fat intake should be roughly BW/2 in grams.

Focus mostly on high protein and nutrient rich foods. Don’t take in a lot of calories that you know won’t do your body much good.

You will need to go hypocaloric (ie, take in fewer calories than you burn) in order to cut up, but DON’T go the starvation route. Try not to ever feel deprived. Slow and steady keeps the muscles.

As ever, listen to your body. If something feels wrong or agonizing, adjust it to suit your needs.

These are the down-and-dirty formulae that tend to work pretty well for most people. Many guys on this site will be a lot more savvy than me and will probably dispute the above, but that should get you started. At least maybe it will get the ‘lurkers’ talking.

Happy spring break

that was really informative. thanks a lot!


check out the T-dawg 2.0 diet

Great information in there and fairly straightforward for getting started.