All I have is Fina and Test. I need to really shed alot of pounds. Other than my diet…can I use the fina and test to my advantage? Any other suggestions would help.

How much do you have available of each steroid? And what are your stats? You need to give us a little more to work with…lata

I have 10x10ml of cyiponate. 6000mg of fina. And Nolvadex. About 26% body fat. 250 6’ All I have ever done was bulking cycles and now I have that dreaded gut. I should mention that I’m also 39 which carries a degree of help in the fat area.


Like Cy Willson wrote in a recent article, there is no such things as a cutting steroid and a bulking one.

Bodybuilders take let’s say winny when they are cutting because water retention is not a problem and test when they are in a bulking phase because definition is not a concern.
when dieting and taking AAS, you keeps the muscle while loosing fats.
Every roids make you loose fat to a certain extend as they make you gain muscle to a certain extend.
I am myself in the middle of a cycle, eating 7 meals a day plus shakes and I am loosing fat. Every 2 weeks, I take my stats and I lost fat.
You should diet a bit, surely an androgen would help burn fat.
My best advice would be to loose fat by yourself and after start your cycle, you’ll gain mass while loosing fat.
the only product I know that really make you loose fat is GH, You can eat like you want and still be shred.
I have a friend who was around 30% and he did a cycle, while dieting and the result were good. gain in lean mass, lost a lot of fat. He said to me that he should have done the diet before and after cycling.
It is just my opinion but you should read that article on cutting and bulking AAS,
Have a nice day


You should lose as much as possible on your own before you do any sort of cycle. You should get to around 13% BF before doing a cycle as you will see a greater difference in yourself than if you do one now. AAS are not a magic bullet, you have to eat right and train right. Lose the BF before you do a cycle.