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I’m cutting, I want to take 4AD-EC along with HOT-ROX. I’m not trying to gain muscle or strength, just trying to maintain LBM during dieting and cardio. Is taking 4AD-EC with the ROX just a waste?

actually it is probably a pretty good idea.

not a waste at all. the 4-ad will allow you to have better recovery. laters pk

Very good idea. The combination works well.

I used Mag-10 earlier in the year while cutting, and started taking Hot-Rox as sson as it was available. So, I overlaped the two together.

I was using the Mag-10, as I was trying to preserve lean mass while restricting my calories lower than I would w/o taking it.

Sounds like a great idea to use the two in conjunction, but where has everybody been buying 4-AD-EC lately?
I would like to stock up for the spring. B

You can go to Yahoo shop and type 4AD-EC into the search engine. Also does anyone know of any tips to combat insomnia while taking 4AD? (I’m 29 years old if that matters.)