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I am 6’0, 234 lbs, 13% bodyfat. I am wanting to cut down to around 6-7%.

Chris Aceto wrote a pre-contest diet regiment awhile back and I organized my diet plan similar to the one he prescribed.

It is as follows:
Day 1: 250g carbs
Day 2: 125g carbs
Day 3: 125g carbs
Day 4: 62.5g carbs before workout,
62.5g carbs after workout
Day 5: Same as Day 4
Day 6: 75g carbs
Day 7: Refeed (800g carbs)

Each day, my protein intake will be at 400g. What should my fat intake be at??

Lastly, I have read a lot lately on the forum about HIIT cardio, etc. I was curious as to what you guys thought my cardio regiment should look like??

Please critique. All help is greatly appreciated.

It kinda depends on your main. cal intake as to what your fat intake should be. At a guess i would be looking at 60-75g of mainly unsaturated fat (flax and fish oils are always a good option) trying to get the omega 3s up.
as for cardio try HOC, the running man or any other high intensity based training for the basis of your cardio. i would normally recommend some steady state cardio (ie longer slower stuff) if you are doing more than 4 cardio session per week (its pretty hard doing hard sessions every day especially while dieting).
Start slow and add in cardio session each week or bump up the intensity/vol, dont jump straight in the deep end by dropping cals and start doing 4+ cardio session a week. $0.02