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Cutting Workouts w/o Prohormones

I began doing OVT and really liked it for cutting. After reading some posts and opinions however, it seems as if this workout may be too catabolic without the help fo some kind of prohormone. Does anyone have any ideas for workouts that are good for cutting without using any prohormones? I am thinking of trying ABBH, but I don’t know if that’s a good cutting program. It is tough for me to do something like EDT or Meltdown training because there are so many people in the gym, so something that I don’t have to switch exercises incredibly fast would help. Short rest times are fine, but taking over the entire gym is not (sigh.) Thanks for any and all repsonses.

For cutting programs, I’d recommend EDT for Fat Loss, Renegade Training or CW’s Next Big Three workouts. Also, Triple Total Training can be used for fat loss.

However, I would not recommend ABBH as a fat loss program. It’s better suited for gaining.